Why Does No One See My Posts?! EVER!

Coming up with content isn't easy, ever. And it's much worse when you spend hours doing it and all you hear are crickets once you post. Ugh, talk about not worth it, right?! …

Not quite. The Facebook Algorithm is actually is trying to work in your favour... if you treat it right and know how to tickle its fancy.

There are a trillion reasons under the sun as to why clients aren't seeing your Facebook Posts. However, the main reason is that you haven't quite worked out how to be seen.

And don’t go thinking that putting money into a post is going to help either.

I often see people blaming the Facebook Algorithm for a drop in reach and engagement and for the most part, that is likely true. But it's not because the Facebook Algorithm has changed. Its because for some reason, the Algorithm has decided that your content is not content that's going to keep people on the Facebook platform for longer.

Essentially, that's what the Facebook Algorithm does. It takes all the data it has about a user, from both their Facebook activity and pixel data, and tries to create the best possible newsfeed experience for them. If people are spending more time on Facebook, they can be served more ads, and Facebook will make more money.

The update in January, around privileging "meaningful interactions" - was kind of just ramping up what the Algorithm was always designed to do. We talked recently on the Salon Owners Collective Podcast all about this.

So, if you've seen a decent drop in likes, comments, and eyeballs, it's probably one of the following:

1) Someone else in your niche, who you share a lot of followers with, is killing it right now and so Facebook is choosing to show their exciting content instead.

2) You haven't been posting regularly, or you've started posting too much. A good sweet spot for both Facebook and Instagram is once a day. If you post less than three times a week, it'll flag you page as inactive and cut your reach. More than twice a day, it'll flag you as spammy and cut your reach. - UNLESS you have off the charts engagement. Then you can basically do whatever you want (like a celeb or social iconic page).

3) You've started using keywords the algorithm doesn't like, or you use too much repetition. Facebook hates duplication - nothing slaughters reach like copying and pasting the same call to action and the bottom of a post. Calls to action such as "like/share/comment on this post" will also cause your reach to plummet. Also, hashtags on Facebook ruin reach; and they'll only lift it on Instagram IF you are using high-quality relevant ones. Try not to share the same content on all your social media platforms, and if you do:

  • Don't post it on the same day
  • Remove all hashtags if you are sharing it from Instagram to facebook
  • Change the caption slightly for the viewer's sake

4) You're posting stuff your audience doesn't like/connect with and Facebook/Instagram can see that your engagement is down, so it reduces your reach. You'll be able to see in your 'insights' section if things have been on a steady downward turn.

5) You've participated in "like for like" thread. There is nothing more damaging to your page's standing than feeding it a whole lot of loopy data. It sees an influx of totally disconnected people suddenly liking your page/content, it assumes its spam and loses its ability to optimise and cuts your reach. If you do a like for like, ensure its with people in your industry who are actively engaging with similar content.


How you'd turn things around would really depend on why the algorithm has decided not to show your content as much. But as a general rule - the best way to get back in the game is to just produce really great content. Easier said than done right...

A few tips on that front:

  • Facebook makes your post more visible if it believes its a popular post. An easy way to take advantage of that is replying to every comment you get. Each comment, including yours, makes your post more popular. Keep up engagement up by liking and reply to every comment (in a timely manner), this also gives your potential clients a great way to feel special. Don’t forget to share the post to your personal page and relevant groups.
  • Talk like a person, not like a billboard or infomercial. Think about the pages you love to hear from and interact with. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts their tone is more conversational and less "ad" like.
  • Ask good questions. Not just questions that are a clear cry for engagement. Ask real interesting questions relating to people in your industry - Because your audience are real people.
  • If you are selling or promoting a product, ask yourself: what makes you buy in a store? How do you like to be spoken to by salespeople? What sort of stories or hooks make you immediately click? and then use that! Think of it as a dinner party - if you just say “BUY MY STUFF” or go on and on about how great YOU ARE, or your product is... people will slowly back away. Engage with them, talk about your "why", tell a good story that casually mentions the product.


So, how well you're starting conversations? If the Facebook Algorithm is LOVING your content, chances are your audience will too. Remember that Facebook is trying to keep people engaged and online for longer, so what can you do with your posts to help them do that? - Start from there.

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About the author, Larissa

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