3 Things Salon Owners Should Focus On in 2024

2024 Salon Owner Opportunities

“My team keeps leaving to go solo!” Opportunity always comes out of crisis – and we’ve been through a lot as an industry (and the world) over the past few years.  We’ve heard a lot about teams leaving to go solo, profits dropping and Salon Owners have hit their limit with pricing.  2024 is a…

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5 Biggest Lessons from 2023

Salon Owner lessons

“Why aren’t my Instagram followers also customers?!” 2024 is quickly approaching, and whilst we look towards all kinds of new adventures and challenges, it’s important to reflect on 2023.  Reflecting not only helps us celebrate our wins, but we also take in all of our learnings from the year and apply them to the next. …

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4 Revenue Building Tactics in 2024

Revenue Building Salon Owners Collective

“My clients are coming less often” We’ve had this consistent conversation with over 100 salon owners that Salon Owners Collective looks after worldwide. Clients are the ones who are pushing appointments out, not coming in for the same services they used to, they’re the ones not picking up products on the way out.  It’s easy…

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