5 Insights Every Salon Owner Should Hear

Rebooking Clients

“Imagine boosting your Salon’s income by 20%”


Wouldn’t that be a game changer… especially in a cost-of-living crisis?


Feels impossible right now though. Clients aren’t rebooking, those that do a drawing out the time between appointments… or they just cancel last minute… Clients just aren’t getting their hair or brows done like they used to!


But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As Salon Owners we need to adapt to the changes in our client’s behaviour… otherwise you’ll be left behind.

Here are the 5 Insights Every Salon Owner Should Hear

Client Loyalty is on the Move…

Times have changed! 43% of women have visited a new Salon in the last 12 months (that’s where your clients are going). Client’s aren’t staying loyal to their stylist or therapist like they used to, especially clients under the age of 30.


This should be a wake-up call for Salons to step up their game and keep things fresh and exciting. If you want clients to keep coming back, you need to continually innovate and offer compelling reasons for them to stay loyal.


Think exclusive services, loyalty perks or even a killer customer experience that they can’t get anywhere else!


client rebooking

More than ‘Just a Haircut’

Clients are busy! Their experience at the Salon needs to be seamless and fit like a glove into their busy schedule.


About 50% of clients are sticking to the regular six-week visit cycle, but many are actually coming more often… every 3.8 weeks to be exact! This trend emphasises the growing demand for high quality and personalised Salon experiences. 


Clients aren’t just looking for a beauty service; they’re seeking a therapeutic escape that fits into their personal schedules. You need to ensure your service menu and schedule can flexibly adapt for your clients to maintain competitive… and keep clients coming back!


Spur-of-the-Moment is the New Norm

Transient clients are the new norms, they want to book an appointment right before (or exactly) when they need it. Fewer clients are booking their next appointment when they’re at the Salon, 31% are booking 3 days in advance. 


You need to be able to accommodate these last-min wonders without dropping the ball on quality… your Salon’s flexibility is key!


Live Life to the Fullest

Clients are becoming more ‘life-centric’, they don’t want to spend their day off sitting in the Salon.


Your Salon needs to fit into your clients’ lifestyles, not the other way around. You need to understand that your clients' time is precious… and sometimes that means working whilst they get a haircut. When you offer flexible scheduling and include amenities that allow for productive multi-tasking, your Salon becomes an attractive place for busy clients. 


Try incorporating a quiet zone for clients looking to relax or a sharing your Wi-Fi to those who want to work during their appointment.


Client Rebooking

Reducing No-shows will Increase Revenue

Adding online bookings to your website will boost your Salon’s income by 20%... sounds good, right?


Making the switch to online booking isn’t just to keep up with tech trends, it will also make life easier for your clients and tapping into the way people prefer to do things these days; quick and easy from their phone. 


Online bookings will also open the door for you to start taking deposits up front! Clients will not only be securing a spot in your busy column, you’re also reducing those frustrating no shows… by 65%.


Times have changed and Salon Owners need to adapt. By embracing the change and accommodating to the wants and needs of your clients, they will rebook again and again and grow to become loyal clients! Increasing your rebooking rate is key to your Salon’s success. 


Just a quick recap:

  • Understand what has changed for clients
  • Learn how you can adapt and respond to the changes
  • Create a plan on how you will increase rebooking rates


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