How to Create a Future For Your Team in Your Salon

“Everyone wants to work solo!”


We all know the feeling… you finally recruit a new stylist, spend time and money training her and then suddenly after 2 years she leaves to go solo taking everything you’ve taught her (and sometimes clients) with her!


Another stylist leaving to go solo isn’t the end of the world (although sometimes in the moment it can feel like that) but there are stylists who WANT to work in a team.


And yes, sometimes they leave and realise how hard it is to run a business so they come back… but what if there was something YOU can do to stop them from leaving in the first place?


It’s our responsibility as Salon Owners to motivate and inspire the next generation of stylists (and therapists).


But to do that, they need to see a future in not just the industry, but in your Salon too!

Here is How to Create a Future For Your Team in Your Salon.

Why is everyone going solo?


I know what you’re thinking, “Larissa, this next generation of stylists have too many demands, they’re going solo because they don’t want to work full time!”


The next generation of stylists and therapists don’t just want to get paid (Or work towards) $100k+. They want to feel a sense of purpose, have a work/life balance, make  a difference in their clients lives, and… see a future for themselves.


Times have changed, 30 hours is the new 40 hours! Our team want to have a life outside of work whilst also feeling like they’re building their career. It is possible to have both… WE just need to adapt.


If you can offer your team (and future stylists and therapist) a job with purpose, value and a little flexibility, then you will attract and retain a Rockstar Team.

Pay Your People Properly and They Will Prosper


Paying your people properly is the first step in helping them feel motivated and valued. There are three ways every Salon should be paying their team;


1. Hourly Wage: Your team should be compensated for all the work they do, not just when they’re with clients. This builds a strong cohesive culture where the whole team is prepared to contribute to the Salon’s success. If you want your team to clean bowls and mop the floor… pay them!


2. Commission: When you add commission on top of your hourly wage, you’ve removed the pay ceiling! You’ve not motivated your team to perform their best with no limit on how much they could one day earn. Bonus: commission on top of wages will also help skyrocket your sales.


3. Bonuses: A lot of Salon’s use KPIs, but if you want your team to actually hit their KPIs… tie a bonus to them! Your team will be motivated to work smarter (not just harder).


If you’re wanting to motivate your team with their pay, avoid using Rent-a-Chair, Hybrid models or Commission only… listen to How to Beat the 2 Year Team Exit to learn why.



Build their Future


I have always said, your team will leave you when they run out of future. 


And it’s true, when there’s no ‘next step’ for someone, they will look around and see which Salon can take them to the next step in their career. 


You need to be talking to your team about their goals and create a roadmap to help achieve them… in YOUR Salon.


When you team member sees their personal goals align with your Salon, they’re more likely to stay and thrive.

And that is how you create a future for your team in their Salon! I hope that this has given you a few ideas. Remember your team need to feel valued in your Salon and see a future with you! 


Just a quick recap:

  • We need to adapt, the best way to recruit and retain rockstars is to give them a purpose!
  • Paying your people properly will motivate them to stay AND work hard.
  • Build your team a future… you need to talk to them about their goals. 


Learn more about How to Create a Future For Your Team in Your Salon by listening to the podcast episode here


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