How to Triple Your Sales Without Employing Anyone New

Sick of hearing your team say “same again jane?” with EVERY client?

The client just gets the bare minimum, and your team doesn’t think to take things further… The client only gets what they booked in for, not really actually NEED or what they didn’t know.

What I Wish I Knew Before Opening a Second Salon

The creative entrepreneur inside of you is left wanting more (hello shiny objects!) which for a lot of Salon Owners, including myself, can lead to us doing crazy things like opening a second Salon. 

After all, surely it’s just taking what you have working already and multiplying it all by two, right?

Creating Healthy Boundaries to Stop People Pleasing

Often without even realising, we spend so much of our energy trying to please everyone, saying yes to everything that comes our way, and constantly putting ourselves last to ensure our teams, our partners, and our family are happy. 

But what does this leave us with?

Not the feeling of success and fulfillment that we’d hoped for, but actually the feeling of burnout and exhaustion. And what good can come from you feeling like this? 

What You ACTUALLY Need to Be Posting On Social Media

You can end up posting the bare minimum just to keep things ‘ticking along’. Hair transformation photo after hair transformation photo, before and afters of your team’s latest blonde transformation… you know the one! 

After all, it’s just taking one more thing off your busy to-do list. And honestly, kudos to you for getting it done when you can. 

But the problem with doing this all the time is that: You end up posting the same thing as everyone else. Every Salon does a full head of highlights, and every Salon has great before and afters. So what sets you apart? 

The Salon Lifestyle Effect: “No Saturdays, No Late Nights Say What?!”

Your team is more demanding than ever and you’re worried that if you don’t meet their demands, they’ll leave. But then if you do give in, you’ll end up back on the floor 50+ hours a week… and you’ll be left feeling resentful!

Sure, they can have the lifestyle they want, but does yours have to suffer?! It’s a total double-edged sword!