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Posts by Larissa Macleman

How to Attract a Rockstar Team

You need a strong team in order to grow your business. Your team can be the strength or the weakness of your salon. So finding and hiring the right people is paramount to your success – right? I reckon I’ve employed more than 110 people in my time as a salon owner. When I sold…

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How to Run Your Salon like a True CEO

Ambition can be overwhelming. As Business Owners, we tend to have big dreams… with an even bigger to-do list that can often seem to be getting in the way of those dreams. That’s where Freedom comes in. When I talk about Freedom, many people think I’m talking about the kind of Freedom that finds you…

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Forget ‘Likes’, Build Connections

‘Likes’ aren’t everything. I know you’ve probably heard this before, but has it really sunk in yet? Even in the world of Social Media Marketing, where it really does feel as though ‘likes’ do mean quiiiite a lot… I promise you, they aren’t as important as you think. You know why? Instead of aiming to get as many ‘likes’…

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Meet Megan: Award Winner, SalonBot Lover

Megan Panozzo’s Salon journey has taken her to unbelievable heights. Megan spent a year being mentored by and travelling around Australia with Kobi Bokshish, joining him as a national educator for the international Brand Matrix. The whole time, Megan had one end goal in mind. So when she won South Australia’s Hairdresser of the Year…

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Why Does No One See My Posts?! EVER!

Coming up with content isn’t easy, ever. And it’s much worse when you spend hours doing it and all you hear are crickets once you post. Ugh, talk about not worth it, right?! … Not quite. The Facebook Algorithm is actually is trying to work in your favour… if you treat it right and know…

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