3 Ways AI CAN Help Your Salon

Technology can be scary for us to wrap our heads around – it’s always changing, there are a million updates, and it’s just not worth the stress! 

But what if I told you that technology, more specifically AI, can actually save us a heck of a lot of time… 

As Salon Owners, we often think we’re ‘not a computer guy’ we just want to help people look and feel their best and we do that with our hands (and our scissors and brushes and all the other tools we use).

But AI is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us, and for some reason, our industry is falling behind by not using it! 

Today on The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, Larissa is joined by Scott Moon from Salon SOS to discuss 3 Ways AI CAN Help Your Salon. Scott breaks down how WE as non-tech people, can use AI… and actually make Marketing and the way we communicate with our clients a whole lot easier. 

4 Revenue Building Tactics in 2024

Revenue Building Salon Owners Collective

“My clients are coming less often” We’ve had this consistent conversation with over 100 salon owners that Salon Owners Collective looks after worldwide. Clients are the ones who are pushing appointments out, not coming in for the same services they used to, they’re the ones not picking up products on the way out.  It’s easy…

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4 Revenue Building Tactics in 2024

We’re in a recession! Clients aren’t coming in and the team isn’t meeting their targets – we’ve heard this conversation a lot from Salon owners around the world.

But, what if I told you 4 revenue-building tactics for 2024 that can help your Salon beat the recession slump… starting with a winning culture.

The client wins when she gets what she wants, what she needs, and gets things she didn’t even know she needed – and when she wins, she comes back. Our team wins when they’re busy and meeting targets, when they’re winning, we’re also winning – creating a winning culture.

Today on The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, Larissa reveals 4 revenue-building tactics for 2024 to build a winning culture during a recession.

The Secret to Increased Engagement, Efficiency and Exceptional Service in Your Salon

Everyone’s talking about Employee Experience – but what does it actually mean?

Not too long ago, employee experience was a little-known concept – but post-pandemic, it has blown up as companies are discovering the untapped value and potential of exceptional employee experience design.

Basically, employee experience refers to the experience that your team members have working for you – what they like about working for you – and what they don’t like or would like to see changed or improved.

And the reason it’s so important is that a great employee experience can improve recruitment, retention, engagement, and even customer service in your Salon.

So, today on The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, Larissa is joined by expert HR consulting company Human Kind – who reveals the 7 principles of Employee Experience and how an exceptional employee experience design can bring value to your Salon.

Cash in on Christmas – How to Make More During The Silly Season

Did you know that people spend on average 30% more during the Christmas season? The psychology around Christmas spending is interesting, but the important thing to know is that people want to spend – they spend on their loved ones and they spend on themselves. 

So how do we make sure they spend in our Salons? How do we make sure we can have our piece of the pie – and eat it too? 

Today on the podcast I’m going to reveal 2 ways that you can cash in on Christmas – and maximise sales in your salon WITHOUT squeezing in any extra clients.