How I Grew My Salon in a Recession

“I’m only just breaking even week-to-week!”

It feels like every Salon Owner is either struggling to keep their doors open or has already closed them! But let me tell you something… this recession does not mean the end of your Salon, in fact, you Salon can and will grow. You just need to learn how to work smarter, not harder!

The Secret to Rebooking Clients

“Clients are spending less (or not coming at all) and the clients that do come… never rebook!”

Have you ever looked at your team’s column and it’s empty but then suddenly, almost overnight, they’re fully booked? It feels like those ‘Last Minute Booking’ Instagram stories are the only thing bringing clients through the door. 

How to Create a Future For Your Team in Your Salon

“Everyone wants to work solo!”   We all know the feeling… you finally recruit a new stylist, spend time and money training her and then suddenly after 2 years she leaves to go solo taking everything you’ve taught her (and sometimes clients) with her!   Another stylist leaving to go solo isn’t the end of…

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How to Master the Salon Sprint

Have you ever tried sprinting on a treadmill?

Now, not just any treadmill… one where you’re sprinting but can’t slow down or stop? I know what you’re thinking,”Larissa, there’s no way that is happening”. But, the truth is, whilst you may not be physically sprinting on a treadmill non-stop, there’s another treadmill you’re sprinting on right now. The treadmill of a Salon Owner!

How She Grew Her Salon to $1 Million

My Salon just won’t grow…

Have you ever felt stuck in your Salon’s growth? You’re feel like you’re doing all the right things… you’re hiring rockstar stylists and therapists, you’re posting on social media, you’re hitting KPIs… but the needle just won’t move. So you begin to feel lost and not sure what to do next because you’re doing everything ‘right’, it’s just not working!