What To Do When Team Members Leave- 3 Step Plan

When team members leave you, it can feel like you’ve been betrayed…

Like… “How dare they?!”… right? I totally understand that feeling of rejection when one of your team leaves, especially when they move to another Salon down the road!

We all want our staff members to be as invested in our Salon Business as we are… and we can easily forget that sometimes this just isn’t the reality. 

Should we expect our team to be as invested in us?

I have a few opinions on this… plus an action plan that i’ve put together all around what to do when a team member leaves.

We must stand up and take action – get what’s ours, make ends meet, grow our business and get on with life…

Defying the Odds: Opening a Salon Via Zoom?!

Did you know: it is possible for a Salon business to excel in the current climate?!

I get it, this may sound crazy to some. Covid-19 has affected so many businesses in this industry in so many ways, most of which have been negative.

But when I tell you that I know someone who has defied all odds with her story, I’m not exaggerating!

Meet Haylee Benton. Haylee is a 3x Salon Owner and ‘serial entrepreneur’ who has a mass of achievements under her belt…

But what we are going to focus on today, is opening her new Salon in Palmerston North, New Zealand- while Haylee was all the way over in the UK! That’s right, she opened a Salon via zoom. 

Haylee will share her expert advice on how to start and run a successful salon business, including forming an excellent team culture, a plan for growth, and how to ensure things run perfectly when you aren’t actually ‘there’ in-salon.

Engaging Clients During a Global Pandemic

I think the most accurate word to describe the past year in our industry has been: unpredictable.

With the global pandemic rocking Hair & Beauty Salons across the globe, and most closing their doors at one point or another, it’s important to remember that we always need to be prepared for anything. 

And a huge aspect of that, which I saw many Salon Owners struggle with in lockdown especially, was keeping their clients engaged.

Hair & beauty professionals strive in that 1:1, client-facing environments, so when we were stripped of this ability… it was scary, to say the least!

That’s why today, i’m chatting with Dani Everson. Dani is a Salon Owner & Skin Entrepreneur who specializes in super creative & popular ways of engaging her clients; during the Pandemic, but also in everyday life.

Tune in today to hear Dani’s best advice on engaging clients and how to keep clients loyal to your Salon business.

3 Critical Keys to Growing a Rockstar Team

Some Salon Owners that I see- are actually starting to think “I don’t want to grow”. 

Maybe there’s an inability to find great staff and to fill empty chairs…and this is a real problem for growth. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some smart, savvy business owners whose businesses are growing rapidly. But there’s still this fear around getting ‘too big’ and not being able to sustain growth. 

And I think that fear and frustration comes from worry. 

“What if my team leave and decide to rent a chair somewhere else”

“What if one of my team leaves and decides to work from home… and they start to steal my other team members.!”

This is a real fear,  especially in this changing environment, as a new generation of people come through… who want to work the way that they want to work and don’t want to work within boundaries.

So I want to talk about the three critical things that you need to establish inside of your business, in order for you to be able to grow the business of your dreams.

Creating Healthy Boundaries: Ditch the Addiction!

Are you addicted to being busy?

When you’re deep in a pit of overwhelm, and it’s been that way for longer than you actually realise… Then it might be time to take a step back and truly ask yourself this question.

I see so many Salon Owners with these HUGE to-do lists, with lots of people relying on them and who are really still stuck in the day to day operations of their business. And don’t get me wrong… i’ve been there!

But what I realise now, is that I didn’t want to let those things go. I wanted my team to still rely on me a bit, or to be ‘needed’… because it can be addicting! But trust me, it’s not what’s best in the long run…

Today I’m joined by Dawn Bradley. We’re going to chat all about How to create healthy boundaries in a business and What to do when people try to push boundaries… plus how to let go of that desire to be ‘needed’.