Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working

Why are you only posting pictures of pretty hair colours or nice nails?

Gone are the days when social media was the window to your Salon. Now, social media is in the building! We use social media for everything, from attracting new clients to attracting new team members but sometimes… it doesn’t work.

Does Your Team Actually Trust You?

I think I might explode…

This is a common feeling among Salon Owners when a team member keeps crossing a line – they’ve dropped the ball, keep making mistakes, and no longer have a positive influence on the team.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Team

What do you expect from me as your leader?

Trust me, this question is not as scary as it sounds… in fact, asking this question can help transform your team culture! When you ask these types of questions, you’re finding out how your team feels. You may learn what is or isn’t working and what they need from you.

Because you can’t build a WINNING culture when you don’t actually know how your team feels…

Today on the Salon Owners Collective Podcast, we’re giving you exclusive access to one of our Salon Mastery Intensive events from last year where Larissa breaks down the 5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Team!  

How She Got Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable is what makes successful Salon Owners…

You get used to taking risks, trying new things, having those tough conversations with your team (and clients!) and before you know it, those uncomfortable situations begin to feel… comfortable!

So comfortable that even when friends, family and clients are asking “Aren’t you freaking about opening a Salon in the middle of a pandemic”… you don’t even flinch.

That is what happened to today’s Salon Owners Collective Podcast guest Kelly Manu, the winner of the New Zealand Salon of the Year 2023 award and founder of UNA! 

Today’s episode is How She Got Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable