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Posts by Larissa Macleman

Why Does No One See My Posts?! EVER!

Coming up with content isn’t easy, ever. And it’s much worse when you spend hours doing it and all you hear are crickets once you post. Ugh, talk about not worth it, right?! … Not quite. The Facebook Algorithm is actually is trying to work in your favour… if you treat it right and know…

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SalonBot: Lady & The Hair Success

Hairdressing is one industry that Prue Tonkinson doesn’t see slowing down anytime soon, so to make sure that she can be ahead of the game and she ensures her clients are getting the service they need, 24/7 – With the help of SalonBot she takes us through it all. Meet our featured client, Pure Tonkinson…

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Create Months of Content in an Hour

“I know I need to do Social Media… but I just don’t have time!” This is one of the most common challenges faced by the Salon Owners that I work with. So often, Salon Owners ask me how to make the time for Social Media, and that it feels so daunting to post regularly! Luckily,…

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5 Steps to Becoming a Salon CEO

Are you more than ready to step up into becoming a real CEO of your business? Maybe you’ve had a year of feeling stuck, or like nothing that you try is really working. It’s closing in on the end of the year now, and this year you’ve felt overwhelmed with all the things. But what…

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