Not “Just a Hairdresser” – Beating the Odds to Reach Salon Mastery

Melinda started her Hair Salon, Ginger & Spice, with no clients, no team, and no experience in running a Salon. Now, with a thriving team – she has 6 stylists, Melinda spends 99% of her time working ON the business, leading from the front, and installing new initiatives for the team and business to thrive.  She is off the floor, & has never been happier. 

Keep listening as we dive into the topic of how to create freedom in your business to grow and in life as a Salon CEO, once and for all… without overworking or overwhelm. 

A Strong Culture Isn’t Built Around Desperation

There has to be something stronger, and I believe that comes from this ONE secret to building a winning team culture…

In this episode, I share a sneak peek into my Salon Mastery Coaching Program, and reveal a team leadership strategy that you can implement in the New Year so you can grow your team without sacrificing your salon, your clients, or most importantly, yourself. 

2022: The Year We Were Forced To Face Our New Normal

As I share my top moments of 2022 in this episode, I would love to invite you to reflect on what your successes were in this last year. 

Why? To make the most of this upcoming year and, to truly level up your business, you must decide to be and do something different than you’ve been in the last year. 

3 Secrets to Increasing Your Team’s Sales Performance

In this episode, Amy and I are going to share our top 3 strategies for getting your team to make more, without you having to work more and add more to your plate…in fact, after this episode, you will be able to see how to work LESS in your business, and still see your sales skyrocket!

Revealed: The Greatest Challenge of a Salon CEO

Salon ownership is like an ongoing game of Tetris – always trying to move the pieces around to fit perfectly together…what move will you take next?

Stevie with 15 years of industry knowledge, chats on how to keep your team happy and your business thriving without having to sacrifice your life & freedom. Stevie is a master of Salon Ownership, so I know you’ll love everything he has to say….