How to be the Best Boss Through a Global Pandemic

Do you find it difficult to keep your team engaged and motivated whilst facing covid restrictions?

Whether you’re in lockdown, or working at limited capacity, I know this has been a super hot topic… especially for those in New Zealand or Australia, as this side of the world is now facing the ongoing consequences of a covid resurgence.

There’s certainly a fine line. As the leader of your Salon, you want to keep your team as motivated and accountable as you can, for the sake of both them and your business! But you also want to be a #bestboss; someone who shows they care, and empathises with the different journey of each team member.

And as with any fine line, this one is a tricky tightrope to balance. Luckily, today I’m chatting with someone who has found the perfect balance.

Stevie English, from Stevie English hair in Sydney, is a living example of what it looks like to lead a team to success through the ongoing effects of Covid 19. 

In this episode, Stevie will share his story of successfully engaging his team of twelve plus during the 2 months of lockdown that Sydney has already faced, and why he continues to have a positive attitude going forward.

Listen in now to glean all of Stevie’s best advice… that I know will inspire you in more ways than one.

Is Bad Health the Barrier to Your Success?

I’m sure you hear about this particular topic a LOT…

It’s definitely something which circulates often, especially amongst busy business owners like you and I, who have a lot on their plate.

But surprisingly, despite this, there are very few Salon Owners that I actually see making a change. 

That’s right, I’m talking about Health.

When it comes to your health… there are way too many Salon Owners that push this aside- don’t prioritise it.

…Are you guilty?

Skipped lunch breaks, not enough water, bent over behind a Salon chair or office desk all day… I’ve done it. But eventually, these bad habits will catch up to you.

That’s why I’ve invited Ben Warren, clinical nutritionist and founder of the wellness company ‘Be Pure’, to join me today. 

We’ll chat about common mistakes that busy Salon Owners make when it comes to their health, simple hacks to live a healthier life, and why bad health could be the barrier to your success.

This discovery has been a game-changer for me, personally, so I know you will love what Ben has to say.

Why Assumption is The Killer of Great Consultations

You are a stylist. You’re an expert at your craft. When a client sits in front of you in the Salon chair, all it takes is a quick analysis of their hair and scan of their appearance, in order for you to figure out what will look best on them. 

It must be a good thing, right?! To be quick and efficient?!

…well in actual fact… it does more harm than good!

Did you know that 95% of stylists believe they do full and thorough consultation of every client, yet only 7% of salon guests feel they’ve had a full hair consultation at least once in their lives?

Clearly, the way we’re doing things now isn’t working. So it’s time to shake it up…

That’s why I’ve invited Richard Kavanagh to join me in this episode. Richard is a well-known freelance session stylist, and most recently, the founder of Piiq Digital.

Today, Richard is going to share his game-changing advice on how to give every client a 10 out of 10 journey, how to transform your Salon’s retail percentage, and why assumption is the killer of great consultations.

This is sure to change the way you think about your Salon’s Consultations once and for all…

7 Crucial Activities to Move the Needle in Lockdown

Are you currently in lockdown?

So many salon owners that I know have had to either cut back hours or even worse- close their salons. What I’ve realised, during this difficult time, is that we need to try our very hardest to make the best out of the ‘worst’.

We have been forced to take a step back from working ‘in’ our businesses, which I see as a crucial opportunity to work ‘on’ your business instead.

Fill your days, where you can, with productive activities that will continue to move the needle in your business, even if you can’t actually have the doors open for trading.
Because as a salon owner, it’s your job to keep things moving forward in your business and try as hard as you can to keep things running smoothly (while chaos ensues around the world!)

In this episode, I’m going to share with you the top 7 things you should be working on right now, behind the scenes, to really focus on doing the things you CAN do during this time… rather than those you cannot.

Conquering the Fear of Becoming a ‘Salon CEO’

If you’re anything like me, then it will have been your passion for hairdressing that inspired you to open your own Salon.

You went from your Apprenticeship, to working in a Salon as a stylist, to owning your own Salon.
Now, you suddenly have all of these business responsibilities, with no formal business training! Even though you own your own business, the thought of being a “Salon CEO” is a little scary, because that feels like a whole other ball game.

It’s so easy to question yourself- Do I have what it takes? How will I know what to do? Will I enjoy this role?

I get it. But what if I told you that it is possible to make the transition from owner/operator to Salon CEO successfully… even if you feel like you can’t (to begin with)?

In this episode, I’m chatting with Abbie Tong. After owning her salon So You Hairdressing for 6.5 years, Abbie successfully made the transition off the floor in order to become the CEO of her salon. She will share how she reached success after the difficult journey she faced, and how you can too.