How to: Make Your Salon Go Viral in Fifteen Seconds

When it comes to social media marketing, having a post go viral is the ultimate success story – right?

And in 2023 the easiest way to go viral on social media is *drum roll please* TIKTOK.

Now, i know what you’re thinking – isn’t Tiktok just full of preteens, bored mums and unemployed millennials? Isn’t TikTok a bit… embarassing?

Actually, Tiktok has over 1 billion monthly users (75% of whom are fully grown adults!) and is closely catching up with the likes of Facebook and instagram…

The Power of Workshops to Get Your Team Selling

As a Salon Owner, have you ever had one of your team members tell you that they don’t want to be a salesperson?

It’s a common struggle in the hair and beauty industry, because while sales is a vital part of running a Salon – most stylists and therapists don’t recognise it as a part of their job.

But the reality is that it IS their job to make sales, whether that’s an upgrade, a product recommendation or a rebooking.

But how do we communicate this expectation with our team, and set them up for success when it comes to sales?

In this episode of The Salon Owners Collective we’re talking about the power of workshops to improve sales in your Salon – and revealing the trick to reframe sales culture and get your team comfortable, confident and motivated to smash sales.

Unpopular Opinion: Salon Owners Should Give Staff Flexible Working Hours

“Those Millennials and Gen Zs – they just don’t want to work”

I’m you’ve either heard this or even thought this yourself as a Salon Owner.

There is a significant shift happening in the hair and beauty industry – we call it, the lifestyle effect. It’s a phenomenon where the next generation of hair stylists and beauty therapists are saying NO to late nights and Saturdays and basically demanding more lifestyle-friendly working environments…

The Truth About Team Culture

What exactly is team culture?

Often when I ask Salon Owners this very question, they struggle to give me an answer. And I get it, culture can be an elusive topic – it’s fluffy and abstract – we know it exists but we can’t actually see it.

And if we don’t know what team culture is – what it looks like how it manifests within our salon then how do we know if our team culture is bad? And if it is bad then how do we know how to fix it?

4 Steps to a Marketing Strategy That Works – Part 3/3

Do you feel rejected by social media? You put yourself out there (and it’s not easy) and you sit by your phone eagerly anticipating the likes and comments only to feel like you’ve been stood up in a bar.

Maybe you’ve been doing all the things, and you’ve seen some success but you’ve hit a plateau and you don’t know how to get that momentum back.

You try to work out whats going on so you make the weary journey into meta business suite to look at the numbers, but its all gibberish – what does any of it mean?