Leading Your Team to Success, and More Advice

Do you ever feel like it’s a struggle to handle team dynamics in your Salon?

You’re trying to do ‘all the things’ and wear ‘all the hats’… and when leading a team gets thrown into the mix, it all starts to feel a little overwhelming…

I totally get that!

In this industry, we are constantly managing humans… whether that’s our clients, or our staff members. And when we’re trying to run a successful business on top of that, it’s important we be a #bestboss and lead our team effectively.

That’s why today, I’ve brought in guest Sandy Chong. Sandy is the CEO of the AHC and a veteran Salon Owner.

Today, we’ll chat all things leading a team, and how to juggle the multiple hats you’re no doubt wearing as a busy Salon Owner.

Tune in today to hear all of Sandy’s gold nugget pieces of advice…I know you’ll love this one. 

The 1 Thing You Should Know When Making Salon Decisions

Being a Salon Owner can be a rollercoaster of emotions.

Especially when you feel like your Salon is your baby… it can be so easy to become super attached to everything in your business….

But sometimes, I think it’s important for Salon Owners to remember that they need to separate themselves from their business and make decisions based on data and facts, rather than emotions.

I know that this can feel tricky and scary, and that it can be hard to detach yourself…

But if you want to grow a successful Salon business, then it really is a must.

Studying my numbers and allowing that data to guide me was 100% one of the best habits I formed, when I owned my Salon – and you can do it to!

That’s why in this episode, I’ve brought in Andrea Jenson to join me.

We’ll chat about all things numbers, profit and finance… Learn from the best and really take this advice and implement it into your own business.

How to Stand Out on Social Media

There is 1 thing that is going to make your Salon stand out on Social Media amongst all your competition.

Do you know what it is?

It’s probably one of the reasons you started your business.

It’s probably even something you think about every day.

Know what it is yet?

Well, if you don’t… then that’s OK!

Because in this episode, my guest Leslie Lyons, is going to reveal all…

She will share with us the 1 secret that we all have at our disposal… that we probably aren’t even using when it comes to really making our Salon stand out on social media.

Tune into this episode to find out what it is.

The 3 Steps to Better Wealth

So many people are scared of Money.

And if that resonates, don’t worry- I totally get it. The topic of Money can feel like this overwhelming thing that looms over you 24/7… something inescapable that people try so desperately to ignore for as long as possible!

I’m here to say – it’s time for Salon Owners to remove their heads from the sand when it comes to money!

I see so many Salon Owners every day who are struggling when it comes to making money and profit- but it doesn’t have to be that hard!

Did you know, there are 3 simple steps all Salon Owners should take to be more efficient with their money? 

In this episode, my guest is Caleb, the founder of Better Wealth. 

We will reveal to you those 3 simple steps towards being more efficient and controlling money today, while maximizing future wealth potential

This is a super insightful episode, can’t wait for you to hear it!

What You Could Be Doing Wrong When Looking For Staff

Throughout my 36+ years working in the hair and beauty industry, there is 1 challenge so large that it is still affecting Salon Owners to this day.

Can you guess what it is?

I’m sure you probably guessed it…

It’s an issue so prominent and internationally widespread, and something I help Salon Owners with almost daily.

That challenge is, finding staff.

In this industry, if you really think about it, we actually sell time with humans. And those humans need to be experts!

But what are we meant to do when it feels like no one is even interested in joining our team, right?!

Right. But luckily, there is actually something you can do about it. Something big, that will change your whole approach to the recruitment process.

In this episode, my guest Eloise Manning will share what that thing is, plus an abundance of other advice around finding & hiring new team members.Be sure to tune in… you won’t want to miss this one.