5 Mistakes You're Making When Hiring

Ready for your dream Salon Team? I am going to give you a head start, with this checklist of the 5 mistakes you need to steer clear of when hiring.

Finally, discover the reason why it seems no one wants to work for you... and what you can do about it.



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Can’t Trust Your Salon Manager?

By Larissa Macleman | 29 September 2022

Is your Salon Manager really helping the business move forward, or are they instead hindering the future success of the Salon?

As the Salon Owner, you already have too many tabs open. 

You’re thinking about a million different things and you have a to-do list that is never-ending. Your role is to lead your business and ensure that it continues to grow, which is why you need a right-hand man, or what we, in this industry, call a Salon Manager. 

When hiring a salon manager, the goal is to find someone to manage the hustle of daily operations in the Salon, and help carry the weight of leading the team, so that you can step away from working IN the business, and instead work more ON the business. 

But this isn’t always as picture-perfect as it seems…can you relate?

Whilst you’d hoped that hiring a Salon Manager was going to be the answer to all your problems, it’s actually ended up being an even bigger headache…

The jobs aren’t getting done, you’re doing more than ever, and you can’t actually trust them to look after the Salon when you aren’t there.

So what is going to give?

I want to introduce Greta Veint, one of our Salon Mastery Success Coaches here at Salon Owners Collective. After leading 17 Salons as a Salon Manager, (and being a total Rockstar working for me during my Salon days), Greta knows what it takes to harness an effective management role within a successful salon, and build a productive working relationship between the Salon CEO & Manager. 

She is the powerhouse behind our Motivating Managers program within Salon Mastery and has all the tips and tricks to help you go from frustration with your management team, to motivate managers to be confident and successful in their role… so that you can step away and the salon can continue to flourish.

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Your Salon Is Not as Irreplaceable as You Think

By Larissa Macleman | 23 September 2022

What do you want your Salon to be known for? Why should a client choose your Salon over the one down the road?

Janine Jarman aka the Queen of Perms is the founder of Curl Cult. With over 20 years of experience in the industry as a hairstylist, educator, Salon Owner, and now CEO, Janine knows what it takes to create a unique product offering that people LOVE and will always purchase. 

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Work Less & Make More – Becoming a “Smart” Salon CEO

By Larissa Macleman | 15 September 2022

Have you ever felt like: You’re working yourself to the bone: You’re busier than ever with clients, plus managing an ever-evolving team… 

You’re hardly present with your family as work has taken over your brain space… but what makes it worse is you’re not growing.

But still, you end up saying YES all the time.

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