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Finding Purpose from Behind the Chair

By Larissa Macleman | 16 October 2021

Matt is the founder of NZ Barbershop My Fathers Barbers, and the co-founder of She is Not Your Rehab, a movement inviting men to acknowledge their own trauma and to take responsibility for their healing so that they can transform their lives and those of others

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The Ultimate Secret to Growing a Team That Won’t Leave

By Larissa Macleman | 09 October 2021

There’s a team crisis! And I hear so many Salon Owners saying how things have changed in recent years, especially when it comes to this issue.

Now don’t get me wrong, things are forever changing in our industry…

But did you know: even when I owned my Salon years ago, people were saying the same thing. 

The newsflash is: there has ALWAYS been a team crisis!  So it’s time we stepped up and tackled it, once and for all.

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Adjust Your Money Mindset to Grow Your Salon

By Larissa Macleman | 02 October 2021

When you were growing up, did you ever hear the phrases:

“Money is the root of all evil” 

“Money won’t buy you happiness”

Well, did you know- that despite the good intent behind these phrases- these could have actually caused you more harm (in the long run) than you realise?

As a Salon Owner, who I’ll assume wishes to be as successful as possible,

one of the biggest things you’ll want to learn about is your Money mindset. 

Whether your goal is to earn a million dollars a year,  a hundred thousand dollars a year, or 50 thousand dollars… your pre-existing, intrinsically programmed money mindset could actually be stopping you from reaching your goal. 

A negative or limiting mindset around money may not even be something you realise you have. 

For a lot of us, it started when we were children… think of the phrase ‘filthy rich’ for example. It’s something that has been brewing over the years- and you may not even know it. 

That’s why today, I’ve invited Mindset Coach Rhi Thistlethwaite to join me on the Podcast.

Rhi is going to share how you can adjust your money mindset, and why doing so will be so fundamental to your Salon’s success.

Let’s dive in!

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August 16, 2021

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Ultimate Strategies to Being a Great Team Leader

July 12, 2021

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How to Level Up Your Salon in 2021

December 3, 2020

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