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Salon Owners Podcast

Your Salon Wasn’t Comfortable…

By Larissa Macleman | 16 May 2024

As Salon Owners, we always do our best to make our clients feel relaxed and welcome in our Salon… right?

But, we might’ve missed something.

Have you ever asked a client if they would prefer to chat or just sit quietly with a magazine? Or, if they would prefer to sit in the far corner that’s away from all the other chairs? And… have you asked your team these questions too?

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My Manager Took My Job

By Larissa Macleman | 12 May 2024

My Salon can’t push forward without me…

You know that feeling where you’re the Salon Owner but you’re also the biggest earner and a mother and a partner and you’re just doing all the things… you feel stuck. You want to grow your business but you can’t because you never have time to do anything outside of daily operations. It’s a cycle that can be hard to break.

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How Hormones Impact Salon Success

By Larissa Macleman | 06 May 2024

Life is over at 30… 

It can feel like that sometimes, right? You’re suddenly struggling with mood swings, changes to your metabolism, a lack of energy, feeling less productive and unable to focus… it’s tough. But it doesn’t need to feel like that, in fact, knowing this one thing can actually help you regain control of your life and your Salon… let’s talk about hormones! 

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Salon Owners Collective Blog

From Rockstars to Bad Apples… When to Say Goodbye!

April 26, 2024

“I feel like a prisoner in my Salon”   You know that feeling, when you have a rockstar team, and then suddenly… you don’t.   It only takes one bad apple to poison the whole crop.     I remember I had a stylist who was amazing at what she did, but every time she’d break…

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Salon Owners

When to Have THE Conversation With Your Team Member…

February 19, 2024

“I have a team member who has done 5 things wrong in the last 2 weeks… I might explode”   We’ve all been there before.    A team member keeps doing things wrong but you’re dreading that awkward conversation of “when you did XYZ, it’s not ok”.    And next thing you know, you have…

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2024 Salon Owner Opportunities

3 Things Salon Owners Should Focus On in 2024

February 15, 2024

Opportunity always comes out of crisis – and we’ve been through a lot as an industry (and the world) over the past few years.  We’ve heard a lot about teams leaving to go solo, profits dropping and Salon Owners have hit their limit with pricing.  2024 is a new chapter and a new opportunity for…

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