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Salon Owners Podcast

From Chaos to Clarity: Stress Relief for Salon CEOs

By Larissa Macleman | 11 April 2024

I want to give up…

How many times have you felt this as a Salon Owner? It’s actually more common than you think… but most of the time it’s got nothing to do with the Salon but our personal lives!

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Where Do I Find a Manager?

By Larissa Macleman | 04 April 2024

I need a new Manager! Where do I find one? Should I promote internally or post an ad… what do I do?!

Hiring a new manager can feel stressful… you have a couple of rockstars in your team who want to be a Manager but they aren’t ready or the right fit, so then you have to create and post a job ad which can feel like a whole daunting task in itself. And you still haven’t even decided what exactly your new Manager would do…

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The Canva Effect: How to Create Scroll-Stopping Social Media Posts

By Larissa Macleman | 27 March 2024

Stop posting photos to your Instagram!

I don’t mean it literally but how many other Salon Owners do you think are posting pictures of blonde balyage and lash lifts? Now, do you think clients can tell the difference between if it’s Susan or Jemima’s client in the photo?

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Salon Owners Collective Blog

Salon Owners

When to Have THE Conversation With Your Team Member…

February 19, 2024

“I have a team member who has done 5 things wrong in the last 2 weeks… I might explode”   We’ve all been there before.    A team member keeps doing things wrong but you’re dreading that awkward conversation of “when you did XYZ, it’s not ok”.    And next thing you know, you have…

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2024 Salon Owner Opportunities

3 Things Salon Owners Should Focus On in 2024

February 15, 2024

Opportunity always comes out of crisis – and we’ve been through a lot as an industry (and the world) over the past few years.  We’ve heard a lot about teams leaving to go solo, profits dropping and Salon Owners have hit their limit with pricing.  2024 is a new chapter and a new opportunity for…

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Salon Owner lessons

5 Biggest Lessons from 2023

February 15, 2024

2024 is quickly approaching, and whilst we look towards all kinds of new adventures and challenges, it’s important to reflect on 2023.  Reflecting not only helps us celebrate our wins, but we also take in all of our learnings from the year and apply them to the next.  For the last blog of the year,…

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