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When to Give Your Team A Payrise (& When Not To)

By Larissa Macleman | 29 January 2023

What you need is a system that recognizes success, celebrates and rewards those that are smashing their targets, and gives you confidence about when to give a payrise and when not to.

This is a system that we, at Salon Owners Collective, call “Do I Get a Payrise” (DIGAPR), a step-by-step progression plan for all of your employees that is exclusive to the Salon Mastery Coaching Program… where your team can see a clear career roadmap, and the next steps they need to take in order to earn a pay rise(without bugging you about it when they don’t actually deserve it!). 

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Turning Followers into Lifelong Salon Clients

By Larissa Macleman | 26 January 2023

Kati is an expert with social media & marketing Salons online. MYA is a Marketing and Client Recruitment Software for Beauty Industry Professionals that uses human behavior techniques to match clients with the perfect Salon for them. 

In this episode, Kati & I discuss what to post on your social media feed and website that will attract clients to your brand, as well as strategies that you can implement in your Salon that will ensure those clients always return. 

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Your 9 Part Plan: Grow Your Salon Without Losing Freedom & Sanity

By Larissa Macleman | 19 January 2023

You’re working longer hours than ever but not seeing any results. So instead, what you need is a proven plan to guide you in the right direction. To plan what your next move will be so you can grow your business successfully… without all the road bumps. 

So, in this episode, I share a sneak peek into my 9-part proven plan that every Salon Owner needs to nail in order to run a high-functioning, profitable and successful salon.

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Salon Owners Collective Blog

How to Regain the Freedom You Thought You’d Lost

January 12, 2023

How to regain the freedom you though you’d lost. When I first opened my Salon, and also my coaching business for that matter, I remember this feeling of thinking “Ahhh yes, this is why I opened my own business!” I was experiencing this incredible feeling of freedom, autonomy and creativity all in one, that you…

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The Secret to a Stress-Free Christmas in the Salon

November 6, 2022

How to prepare for a Stress-Free Christmas in the Salon… Every year, I see Salon Owners make the same mistake of just ‘accepting their Christmas fate’.   You dread Christmas so much that you put off preparing for it, and then as we know, it ALWAYS sneaks up on you faster than you expect!   Then,…

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The 3 Crucial Elements of a Client Attracting Social Media Plan

September 6, 2022

Do you find it tricky to create a client attracting social media plan? You know you have to do it, but you often don’t have the time, nor the energy to really put effort into it and prioritise it. As a result, you can end up posting the bare minimum just to keep things ‘ticking…

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