5 Mistakes You're Making When Hiring

Ready for your dream Salon Team? I am going to give you a head start, with this checklist of the 5 mistakes you need to steer clear of when hiring.

Finally, discover the reason why it seems no one wants to work for you... and what you can do about it.



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How to Triple Your Sales Without Employing Anyone New

By Larissa Macleman | 05 August 2022

Sick of hearing your team say “same again jane?” with EVERY client?

The client just gets the bare minimum, and your team doesn’t think to take things further… The client only gets what they booked in for, not really actually NEED or what they didn’t know.

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What I Wish I Knew Before Opening a Second Salon

By Larissa Macleman | 29 July 2022

The creative entrepreneur inside of you is left wanting more (hello shiny objects!) which for a lot of Salon Owners, including myself, can lead to us doing crazy things like opening a second Salon. 

After all, surely it’s just taking what you have working already and multiplying it all by two, right?

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Creating Healthy Boundaries to Stop People Pleasing

By Larissa Macleman | 22 July 2022

Often without even realising, we spend so much of our energy trying to please everyone, saying yes to everything that comes our way, and constantly putting ourselves last to ensure our teams, our partners, and our family are happy. 

But what does this leave us with?

Not the feeling of success and fulfillment that we’d hoped for, but actually the feeling of burnout and exhaustion. And what good can come from you feeling like this? 

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Avoiding Team Explosions

February 28, 2022

Sometimes it feels like you can’t catch a break with your team! You are constantly putting out fire after fire, and you are exhausted by the emotional rollercoaster that is managing humans. Well, I get you, and you are not alone. I was recently talking to three of my favorite Salon Owners that I work…

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How to Make 2022 Your Best Salon Year Yet

January 12, 2022

2022 is here and I am sure you are ready to put 2021 in the past and embrace the fresh start of a new year (I know I am!).    I remember when I was in your shoes, running my own salon business back in 2010. I was planning ahead for my salon’s 2020 vision…

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5 Steps to Become a $1 Million Salon!

August 16, 2021

Being a Salon Owner is not always sunshine and rainbows… the reality of running a salon is tough, and success doesn’t happen overnight. As a Salon Owner, you probably have dreams of building a Rockstar Team, achieving a life of freedom and profit, and having strong relationships with clients.   I know, from experience, that…

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