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Protect Your Salon When She Says “I’m Leaving”

By Larissa Macleman | 28 April 2021

There are a few questions that I often get asked in my work with Salon Owners…

But without a doubt, one of the most common, and most stressed questions sounds like this:
“My team member is leaving… and they’re opening a Salon down the road! HELP!”

OMG… I get the pain, this is a seriously stressful situation.

And there are actually quite a few problems like this that crop up for Salon Owners… like, i’m sure as you read this you can picture a time when a similar stressful situation has happened to you.

I think the smartest way to deal with these types of fireballs is to future proof your business. Know your rights, legally, and make sure you’re protected where possible, by law, against any future problems.

That’s why, today, I wanted to bring onto this episode Cory Sterling. Through his business Conscious Counsel, Cory provides legal counsel for business owners in the health and wellness space.

Tune in today to learn how to protect your business, and yourself by utilising legal practices.

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How to Employ People… For Free?

By Larissa Macleman | 21 April 2021

As a Salon Owner, do you often struggle to keep your wage bill down?

I know this can be tricky for many business owners… there’s a constant tug of war between wanting to grow and hire new team members, but also wanting to avoid blowing the budget on wage costs!

Did you know: you can employ people for free?
If you can get team members income generating in your business FAST… they can cover their own wage and make themselves FREE!

I know, I know, you’re probably asking “how the heck can I do that?!”

This is exactly what you’ll find out in this episode! Discover how to get your team members income-generating FAST… like, yesterday!

Luckily, I’ve brought in my Salon Owners Collective Coach Eloise to spill all the juicy details… Let’s dive in.

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Putting Yourself Out There to Achieve Salon Success

By Larissa Macleman | 14 April 2021

Being a Salon Owner can feel scary at times!

It can feel like there’s no one there to guide you when things are uncertain…. or even to celebrate you when things go right!

Salon Owners are often afflicted with this feeling of loneliness or anxiety… we feel alone in business and like there’s no one around us who understands!

That’s why I wanted to bring ultra-successful Salon Owner Kate Henderson on my Podcast today, so that we could chat about all things Salon Owner Success.

In this episode, Kate will share her success tips and why it’s important to put yourself out there in order to truly get that feeling of recognition you deserve. 

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