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6 Steps for Boosting Your Salon’s Social Media Marketing Efforts


Feel like Facebook is treating you like a lousy partner? You give, give, give and seem to get nothing in return. Or, in the case of Facebook, you post and post and post, but your reach feels abysmal. It’s time to get your fair share of your audience’s attention on Facebook, and the good news…

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The 3 Things Holding Your Salon’s Success Hostage


Do you have a hostage situation in your salon? No, not the nightmare scenario you’re envisioning, but still scary nonetheless, I’m talking about your salon’s success. And the person who’s keeping it hostage is you. Thankfully, with a few foundational steps, you can finally set the potential for your salon’s success free and begin seeing…

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Creating a Seamless Client Experience in Your Salon


From the moment your client chooses to book an appointment, their client experience has begun. Yes, there are a ton of moving parts when it comes to creating a outstanding client experience, but as today’s guest shares, it’s not enough to provide a “good” experience. The bar has been raised, and your client experience needs…

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The Freedom & Profit Formula

Owning a salon was your dream…

It started with wanting to do better hair, deliver a better service and earn more. But now that you own your salon, some days feel more like a nightmare.

You have the grit, determination, or the skills to make your salon a booming success.

What you’re missing is the solid business systems needed to create a foundation for sustainability and profitability for your salon, and thus, more freedom for your life.

Without that foundation, you’re likely finding yourself:

  • Strapped for time (and cash), working 60+ hour weeks just to keep your salon afloat
  • Running in circles to keep your team focused and on-task
  • Wearing all the hats in your business, from owner all the way to master stylist

The madness has to stop - now! So, what can you do about it?

It’s time to get out from being overbooked behind the chair, serving the most clients and hitting the biggest sales to having the time to grow your team, expand the business, and skyrocket your income without working crazy hours to make it happen. 
I’ll show you how in my FREE guide, The 5 Steps to Freedom & Profit Formula! 
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Salon Owners Collective Blog

How to Build a Successful Salon Team So You Can Get From Behind the Chair

Imagine with me for a moment and picture yourself here: You’re yelling from behind your chair to have someone help the person who came through the door three minutes ago and is standing at the front looking awkward. Your stylists need constant hand-holding on how to best utilize their downtime. You’ve lost track of how…

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Make the most of your Crazy, Creative Holiday Downtime

Holiday time for me is a time where I get really creative. I love spending time with my family but as much as I love to hang with them all – I can’t help but slip into this crazy, creative business zone – The space and downtime allow me to think. I dream up all…

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Unlock Freedom & Thrive in 2019

It’s officially the crazy manic time of the year, Christmas!  I remember so painfully and clearly that when I was standing behind the chair every December, I would always tell myself “this is my last year doing clients”, next year would be different for the salon. I hated Christmas with a passion, it took me away…

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