How to Master the Salon Sprint

Have you ever tried sprinting on a treadmill?

Now, not just any treadmill… one where you’re sprinting but can’t slow down or stop? I know what you’re thinking,”Larissa, there’s no way that is happening”. But, the truth is, whilst you may not be physically sprinting on a treadmill non-stop, there’s another treadmill you’re sprinting on right now. The treadmill of a Salon Owner!

How She Grew Her Salon to $1 Million

My Salon just won’t grow…

Have you ever felt stuck in your Salon’s growth? You’re feel like you’re doing all the right things… you’re hiring rockstar stylists and therapists, you’re posting on social media, you’re hitting KPIs… but the needle just won’t move. So you begin to feel lost and not sure what to do next because you’re doing everything ‘right’, it’s just not working!

Salon Manager Mastery: Empowering Managers and Liberating Owners

I need a Salon Manager!

Realising it’s time to hire a Salon Manager is exciting, right? Your team and your business are growing and you can start to transition into the role of Salon CEO. But, the idea of a new Manager brings many unanswered questions that make the whole recruitment process seem overwhelming!

How to Recover From Burnout

What is your WHY?

As Salon Owners, we wear many hats; we’re managing our team, growing our business, serving clients, looking at spreadsheets and talking to your accountant and… wearing all of those hats, can start to feel overwhelming. Time with your family seems like a distant memory when all you do is work.

My Manager Took My Job

My Salon can’t push forward without me…

You know that feeling where you’re the Salon Owner but you’re also the biggest earner and a mother and a partner and you’re just doing all the things… you feel stuck. You want to grow your business but you can’t because you never have time to do anything outside of daily operations. It’s a cycle that can be hard to break.