How to Beat the Hiring Crisis

You recruit average, you get average!

That makes sense, right? But as an industry, we still post the same ‘We’re Hiring’ ad and hope that our next rockstar stylist or therapist is going to see it and walk through the door! But, we’re always surprised when nobody ever responds and we immediately jump to the idea of ‘we’re in a hiring crisis!’.

Where Do I Find a Manager?

I need a new Manager! Where do I find one? Should I promote internally or post an ad… what do I do?!

Hiring a new manager can feel stressful… you have a couple of rockstars in your team who want to be a Manager but they aren’t ready or the right fit, so then you have to create and post a job ad which can feel like a whole daunting task in itself. And you still haven’t even decided what exactly your new Manager would do…

How to Beat the 2 Year Team Exit

Creating the $100k Career Roadmap was one of the best things I ever did as a Salon Owner… 

When you give your team a path to success, they are motivated to WIN! You’ll be ahead of the dreaded “Can I get a pay rise?” conversations because both you and your team have transparency to know what needs to happen before the conversation can even begin!