3 Reasons Your Recruitment Ads Don’t Work

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re looking to hire someone new, but your recruitment ad gets 0 applications?

Every time you put an ad out, you think to yourself that ‘this time will be different and you will finally get your dream team member applying to work for you… but in reality, the results are disappointing and totally uninspiring. 

Does Salon Marketing Actually Work?

What if I told you that in order to scale your Salon business Growth, you need to nail these three things: 

An effective marketing strategy, understanding your clients, and growing a team.

I see so many Salon Owners start to grow exponentially, but then all of a sudden hit a plateau. They can’t seem to move the needle in their business or have the momentum to keep this growth sustainable, especially with team challenges, family time and life outside of the Salon walls…

It can feel totally overwhelming, like you are in a business rut!  

However, I believe that with an effective and consistent marketing strategy, and an  understanding of what makes your clients tick, you can truly master the art of attracting and retaining clients in your Salon. 

I know this is never as easy as it sounds. But if you can nail your client-attraction strategy, understand what makes your clients return (or not), and how to keep new clients coming in your doors without you stepping foot into your Salon doors…your Salon growth will be unstoppable.

The Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Salon Marketing

You know you need to do it, but the actual doing part isn’t as easy as it looks, right? After all, you are busy enough putting out fires within your team, dealing with clients, your own family, and global pandemics, where do you have the time to create a marketing strategy?

This is something I hear all the time from Salon Owners, and did you know…

Throwing offers and promotions across your Social Media channels without considering whether it’ll resonate with your ideal client and what outcome you want to achieve will only create a marketing message that seems inconsistent and confused…it is not going to give you the results you want…so hold fire on “posting” that 20% “off” offer for now! 

How a Risktaker Re-Defined Salon Success

Have you ever had someone tell you that you’ll never achieve something? That being a hairstylist will only take you so far? That there is no way that owning a salon will give you a life of freedom or profit? 

I did, over and over again when I owned my Salon, and boy was I determined to prove them wrong! 

In our industry, everyone’s journey to success looks different. Whether you begin your hairdressing apprenticeship at age 16 or age 30, whether you work in a small town or are a globally recognised stylist… Everyone has their own goals and ambitions and your journey is no less successful than the Salon Owner you see on Instagram, winning awards and flying across the world. 

Legal Action: Two Words Every Salon Owner Dreads

Have you ever had a client threaten legal action against you and your Salon?

As a Salon Owner, I’m sure you have had had a moment (if not, a few) where you have had to deal with a situation that has gone wrong, like a really bad colouring mistake, and in return had to deal with an unhappy (and frustrated!) client. 

Let’s talk about it…