Your Salon Wasn’t Comfortable…

As Salon Owners, we always do our best to make our clients feel relaxed and welcome in our Salon… right?

But, we might’ve missed something.

Have you ever asked a client if they would prefer to chat or just sit quietly with a magazine? Or, if they would prefer to sit in the far corner that’s away from all the other chairs? And… have you asked your team these questions too?

My Manager Took My Job

My Salon can’t push forward without me…

You know that feeling where you’re the Salon Owner but you’re also the biggest earner and a mother and a partner and you’re just doing all the things… you feel stuck. You want to grow your business but you can’t because you never have time to do anything outside of daily operations. It’s a cycle that can be hard to break.

How Hormones Impact Salon Success

Life is over at 30… 

It can feel like that sometimes, right? You’re suddenly struggling with mood swings, changes to your metabolism, a lack of energy, feeling less productive and unable to focus… it’s tough. But it doesn’t need to feel like that, in fact, knowing this one thing can actually help you regain control of your life and your Salon… let’s talk about hormones! 

How to Beat the Hiring Crisis

You recruit average, you get average!

That makes sense, right? But as an industry, we still post the same ‘We’re Hiring’ ad and hope that our next rockstar stylist or therapist is going to see it and walk through the door! But, we’re always surprised when nobody ever responds and we immediately jump to the idea of ‘we’re in a hiring crisis!’.

Beauty Bias: Is Your Salon ACTUALLY Inclusive?

You are too fat to be seen here….

As an industry (and the world), we’ve made efforts to be more inclusive. Learning how to work with different hair textures and skin tones, understanding and respecting other cultures… and although we still have a way to go,  there’s one area of inclusion that we’ve left behind… weight.