The 5 Warning Signs That Your Employee is Leaving…

In this episode, I want to share with you the 5 warning signs that your team members are going to leave. As well as how to prepare yourself and your business for the inevitable, so you can hire the right people to work for you, and avoid having a ball and chain around your ankles to your business. 

“Help, I Can’t Attract Any New Salon Clients!”

I want to introduce you to Tamara Reid. Tamara is an absolute icon in the Beauty industry, spending her career in just about every role you can think of, before landing at Timely, a Salon Software company. 

In this episode, discover the secret to a low-cost, low-effort marketing strategy, why collaboration over competition is key & an honest conversation about running a successful business. 

3 Steps to Build a Sales Culture in Your Salon

I call this building culture of #winning in your salon. But actually, what’s important to remember is that a winning culture is not something that just ‘happens’ one day, and then ‘that’s it’…

…instead, your Salon’s culture is forever changing and evolving. So the focus needs to be on keeping it positive, 95% of the time, each and every day. To do this, you need systems in your business that are ‘human’ proof so that your team is set up for success, regardless of the individuals within it.

What’s Missing With The New Generation of Hair Stylists?

Your team says they want to move up the ladder…but they leave before they finish their apprenticeship!

Does this make them the enemy? 

Many salon owners fall victim to this from time to time, believing it’s all the team’s fault. It’s easier to blame THEM for not performing ‘well enough, but it’s actually OUR responsibility as the Salon CEO to lead them towards success.