What It Takes to Grow Your Salon to Scale

By Larissa Macleman | Mar 24, 2019

Do you ever dream of building beyond a single salon and scaling into multiple locations to create your own beauty empire? On this episode, I’m joined by James Carlisle and Lynden Mason, the Founders of Vivo Hair & Beauty, who are sharing the story of their journey from the optometry industry to building one of…

Moving From Top Sales Stylist to Becoming a Successful Salon Owner

By Larissa Macleman | Mar 17, 2019

In this episode, we’re answering a question from one of our members in the Salon Owners Collective group who is ready to transition out of the role of being the top sales stylist in her salon to becoming a successful salon owner and CEO. If you find yourself hitting the ceiling with your time, energy,…

Releasing Your Food and Body Obsessions for Ultimate Freedom

By Larissa Macleman | Mar 11, 2019

Do you find yourself famished or fixated on your next meal? Do you waste time wondering what you’ll wear to make you look a certain way or mass deleting photos you took for your social media because you didn’t like the angle? These are indicators of a mindset gone haywire, and if you truly want…

Making the Most of Your Continuing Education in Your Salon

By Larissa Macleman | Mar 4, 2019

You just attended a killer industry conference or completed an incredible workshop, and you can’t wait to get back to your salon and begin putting all your newfound knowledge into action with your team. But alas, reality hits. You’re slammed from the moment you walk back into the salon and everything you learned shifts to…

6 Steps for Boosting Your Salon’s Social Media Marketing Efforts

By Larissa Macleman | Feb 18, 2019

Feel like Facebook is treating you like a lousy partner? You give, give, give and seem to get nothing in return. Or, in the case of Facebook, you post and post and post, but your reach feels abysmal. It’s time to get your fair share of your audience’s attention on Facebook, and the good news…

The 3 Things Holding Your Salon’s Success Hostage

By Larissa Macleman | Feb 10, 2019

Do you have a hostage situation in your salon? No, not the nightmare scenario you’re envisioning, but still scary nonetheless, I’m talking about your salon’s success. And the person who’s keeping it hostage is you. Thankfully, with a few foundational steps, you can finally set the potential for your salon’s success free and begin seeing…

Creating a Seamless Client Experience in Your Salon

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 28, 2019

From the moment your client chooses to book an appointment, their client experience has begun. Yes, there are a ton of moving parts when it comes to creating a outstanding client experience, but as today’s guest shares, it’s not enough to provide a “good” experience. The bar has been raised, and your client experience needs…

The Keys Creating a Rockstar Team Will Take Your Salon to New Heights

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 20, 2019

Tired of the constant turnover and the exhaust and expense of having to find and train new employees only to have them leave a year later, if that? Today I’m talking all about team and how to build one full of rockstar stylists who will not only be with you for the long haul but…

Riding the Roller Coaster of Life

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 13, 2019

Life can be a strange roller coaster, and sometimes you just need to ride it and take it for all its worth. In this episode i’m chatting with Salon Owner & Business Mentor, Cassandra Barrie. She shares her life insights and experiences within the industry, as well as deep diving into personal life lessons that…

Life Changing Consultations

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 6, 2019

When you take your client on a journey of leadership and show them what you recommend for them, you might notice a shift in how they approach and talk to you. Dario Cotroneo has developed a very unique approach to hairdressing & education resulting in exciting ways to learn and enjoy. During this episode we…


Creative Sanity Tips for the Wondering Holiday Mind

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 24, 2018

“It’s when Salon owners have clarity of their path that they have their best life, their best business and have the strength to navigate the gauntlet of business.” Join me, Larissa Macleman for our last episode of 2018 where I talk about holiday creativity, getting clear on your goals and stepping into a change of…

Transforming Stylists to Think, Believe & Perceive Differently

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 16, 2018

What you do as a stylist is so much more than just styling hair; You are helping beautiful people solve meaningful problems. That in itself creates such a powerful outlook that we all should be onboarding daily in our workplace. Dario Cotroneo has developed a very unique approach to hairdressing & education resulting in exciting…

Getting out of your own way to grow your Business

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 9, 2018

Join us on this pop up podcast from our Collective Lunch. You’re going gain a lot from listening to the live conversation with the Salon Owners Collective founder Larissa Macleman and three very talented coaches; Louise May, Samantha Jones and Eloise Manning. Listen in as we talk about Self Talk, Overcoming Bad Habits, Team, and…

Surviving Christmas & Thriving in 2019

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 4, 2018

The Christmas Period is always SO hectic for Salon Owners and for some reason, everyone decides to go a bit mental in December. It starts to feel like our whole client database wants to visit us, they mean well but it also makes us go a little bit crazy too! It seems to also take…

3 Ways to Optimise your Client Experience

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 25, 2018

Details that might seem minor can have a make-or-break effect on client retention. But creating a great client experience doesn’t have to be complicated. Today’s guest has done an amazing job of determining what your clients are really wanting and how to deliver. Join me as I talk with Sally Turpin, operations manager at Salon…

Instagram with Intention

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 19, 2018

Instagram can seem daunting to many business owners if they don’t have a key intention or strategy in place. If harnessed correctly, using the power of Instagram can result in turning likes into bookings (dream come true). In today’s episode i’m talking with, Tracy Harris, Creative Director & founder of Mums with Hustle. Join us…


Why does no one see my posts?! Ever!

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 12, 2018

Facebook can be exhausting, especially when you create amazing content and it never gets seen. What’s the point, right? If harnessed correctly though, using the power of Facebook can result in turning likes into bookings (YAY). On this episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast, we’re joined by Suzy Broad. As well as her business,…

Creating Powerful Branding

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 4, 2018

I know a few of us are guilty of turning a blind eye to what our clients are wanting when we get too caught up in all things Business. It’s easy to slip in one area when we are focusing on trying to improve the next. Today’s guest has done an amazing job of navigating…


Ditch The Fear

By Larissa Macleman | Oct 29, 2018

When you think about managing and leading a team of people, what frightens you the most? Maybe it’s one of these things; Maybe you are scared to stand up to your team, scared that if you push them that they will leave, maybe you are worried that they won’t do what you ask and scared…


Industry Lessons to Shape your Career

By Larissa Macleman | Oct 21, 2018

Learning and taking the next step in our careers is daunting for most. Not many know where to start and get stuck on how to get the ball rolling. Today guest on the podcast, industry mentor & innovative icon, Vivienne Mackinder, is taking us through the Industry lessons she has learnt to shape your career.…