Stress-Free Guide to Managing Clients after Lockdown Re-Opening

I have a question for you:

If you have recently reopened, after being closed because of covid…

Are you feeling just a tad overwhelmed?

This is something I’ve been noticing a LOT lately with salon owners i’ve been chatting to…

I get it. Post-covid, reopening cray-cray is REAL. Working long hours, trying to communicate effectively with both your team and clients…

Now,  don’t get me wrong, we should of course feel super lucky that we can re-open in the first place. And we do.

But that doesn’t mean it’s any less overwhelming!

I’m sure by now you have 100s of clients queuing for the earliest available appointment as you return to the salon.

Trying to chop and change the appointment book, squeeze everyone in, prioritise, 

reschedule, reorganise… it’s enough to drive any salon owner to the edge of insanity!

But did you know: there are three ways you can reintegrate your clients to keep your own sanity (and that of your team)… and not lose or disappoint any clients along the way.

In this episode, I’ll talk you through the three ways to choose from, to manage your appointment book and the peak you are having right now… plus to avoid the troughs that may creep up after the crazy-busy period is over.

7 Crucial Activities to Move the Needle in Lockdown

Are you currently in lockdown?

So many salon owners that I know have had to either cut back hours or even worse- close their salons. What I’ve realised, during this difficult time, is that we need to try our very hardest to make the best out of the ‘worst’.

We have been forced to take a step back from working ‘in’ our businesses, which I see as a crucial opportunity to work ‘on’ your business instead.

Fill your days, where you can, with productive activities that will continue to move the needle in your business, even if you can’t actually have the doors open for trading.
Because as a salon owner, it’s your job to keep things moving forward in your business and try as hard as you can to keep things running smoothly (while chaos ensues around the world!)

In this episode, I’m going to share with you the top 7 things you should be working on right now, behind the scenes, to really focus on doing the things you CAN do during this time… rather than those you cannot.

Conquering the Fear of Becoming a ‘Salon CEO’

If you’re anything like me, then it will have been your passion for hairdressing that inspired you to open your own Salon.

You went from your Apprenticeship, to working in a Salon as a stylist, to owning your own Salon.
Now, you suddenly have all of these business responsibilities, with no formal business training! Even though you own your own business, the thought of being a “Salon CEO” is a little scary, because that feels like a whole other ball game.

It’s so easy to question yourself- Do I have what it takes? How will I know what to do? Will I enjoy this role?

I get it. But what if I told you that it is possible to make the transition from owner/operator to Salon CEO successfully… even if you feel like you can’t (to begin with)?

In this episode, I’m chatting with Abbie Tong. After owning her salon So You Hairdressing for 6.5 years, Abbie successfully made the transition off the floor in order to become the CEO of her salon. She will share how she reached success after the difficult journey she faced, and how you can too.

Salon Ownership: Dreams vs Reality

The reality of running a salon: is it what you originally envisioned?

It was always a dream of yours to own a Salon, but now that you have achieved this, the reality is that things aren’t always perfect! Relate?

I know how it can feel. You’re so close to living that ideal life you always dreamt of, 

but everyday dramas just keep cropping up and getting in the way! All of a sudden, the dream feels further and further away.

In this episode, I’m chatting with someone who knows this feeling all too well. Having faced a house fire, brand new babies to juggle, team walkouts, and hiring troubles, Mia De Vries has experienced the reality of owning a Salon, and just how far from the ‘dream’ it can sometimes feel…

After owning her salon for 16 years, Mia then founded an online education business called The Secret Fox.

Listen in now as Mia shares how she led her Salon to success, got her dream life back on track… and most importantly, how you can do the same.

From ‘OverWhelmed’ to ‘OverAchieving’ in 5 Steps

As a busy Salon Owner, I’m sure you are familiar with the feeling of overwhelm. In actual fact, this is something I help Salon Owners overcome, every single day.

Running a Salon is a lot, and it can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a clear idea of ‘what’ the next right move is for you.

I get it. You try so many different things at once, hoping for some kind of breakthrough… waiting for the one thing that works. The thing is, salon success isn’t achieved this way, and more often than not – it will only lead to frustration and overwhelm.

In this episode, I want to help you overcome this feeling of frustration and overwhelm by sharing a few key strategies with you. When implemented, these strategies will help Salon Owners like yourself decide what the next right move is for you, and how to achieve it.