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Posts by Louise May

Attract More of the Clients You Love

Have you ever heard the saying, “try and please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no-one”? The same goes in business. We all want to make our clients happy, but there is always one client, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, nothing will ever please them? They aren’t your ideal client. Yet, there are some…

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Relationship Marketing

Hi, I am a complete stranger. Give me money! Let me guess, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Um…no.” Well, this is exactly what you are doing if you are not building relationships with your audience and prospective customers. Think about it – would you rather buy from someone you know, someone you…

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Do You Tread On Eggshells In Your Own Salon?

I was talking to a salon owner that had contacted me over the weekend about some issues in her business that she needs help with. One of her major issues is that she feels very intimidated by a staff member. She often feels like she is treading on eggshells and she is constantly giving into…

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New Financial Year Preparation

It’s time to do some financial year preparation and get proactive with your new goals coming into the next 12 months so you can review how far you’ve come. Tax time can be daunting and frustrating – but so rewarding when you see growth. So many business owners set goals at the start of the…

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