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Attract More of the Clients You Love

Have you ever heard the saying, “try and please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no-one”? The same goes in business.

We all want to make our clients happy, but there is always one client, it doesn’t matter how hard you try, nothing will ever please them?

They aren’t your ideal client.

Yet, there are some clients you could sneeze on and they would probably thank you for it. They love you THAT much… They are your ideal client.

“Everyone is my target audience” – this is probably the most common line used among business owners. You may have a product or service that everyone needs. That doesn’t mean that everyone needs it from you. You want to focus on attracting more of the clients you LOVE and who love you in return.

How do you do that? – It’s all in your marketing and branding.


I really want you to think about that client that you could sneeze on.

What is it about them that you absolutely love? Do you know the type of services do they come in for? What do they do in their spare time, where do they work?

Now take a look at your business, do you think your businesses personality appeals to that client that you love? (It probably does, that’s why they come to you!) Have a look at what you’re putting out in the world and who it’s speaking to. Your ideal client is going to see what you are posting on social media, will they like it?

It’s so important to attract the clients that you love and that love you in return because that’s how you create Raving Fans, Repeat Business, Amazing Testimonials & Referrals. Who wouldn’t want that for their business?

With your marketing and advertising, talk specifically to who you are wanting to attract. This will organically help you grow.

How to find them

Talk to your staff, find out the kind of people and clients they like to see and work with. Do their wants, needs, and desires align with yours? If you are all working toward a common goal it will improve your relationships within the workplace. If you find that your team members have different strengths and ideas of their ideal client, that’s ok too, you can work with that.

Find a balance between your ideal clients, something that they all might have in common and use that to focus on.

Create magic in your business and appeal to the people who are going to be loyal and devoted to you. You will start to know exactly who you are trying to appeal to, it will become second nature for you.

Keep an eye out for the next blog, I will talk about creating raving fans and how that can help your business.

About the author, Louise May

Results Coach: I cover all areas of your business and mindset within my program.

I'll pull apart your salon, identify the areas that need attention and then implement the steps needed to gain the results you're looking for. We'll then work together to pull the pieces back and you are supported throughout the whole process.