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Breaking Through Mental Barriers in Business and Life

Mental barriers

Feel like the saying “fake it ’til you make it” is your guiding directional and business and life? Then it’s time for a shift in your self-talk. On this episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast, we’re joined by Bree Stedman, the Female Head Talk Expert and founder of the program and podcast, as well…

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The Art and Science of Successful Client Consultations

Client Consultations

Did you know that 97% of hairdressers believe that they do a full and thorough consultation with every client, but only 7% of clients feel like they’ve ever had a consult? That is a massive disparity and one that our guest on today’s episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast, Richard Kavanagh, is going to…

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Developing Your Salon Team Leadership Style

Salon Team Leadership

If you have your sights set on expanding your team or your salon’s locations, you don’t want to miss this episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast with Stevie English of Stevie English Hair and global brand ambassador for Matrix. In this episode, he shares his insights about cultivating your salon leadership style to craft…

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