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Use Your Skills for the Greater Good

Did you know that in Manila, it is illegal for boys’ hair to be touching their collar whilst attending school?

Sometimes it may feel like what we do in the Hair & Beauty Industry is for cosmetic reasons only… but in actual fact, these services can be so incredibly vital in so many ways that we may never even think about.

In this episode of the Podcast, I’m chatting with Selina Tomasich, the CEO of Hair Aid. Hair Aid is an Organisation who sends hairdressers to developing countries to run a 5-day course, teaching people in critical poverty 5 basic haircuts and a basic hair cutting tool-kit. 

These people come away with the important and incredibly useful knowledge of how to cut hair, not only for their own families but also for others in return for food, supplies, or even money.

The volunteers are hairdressers, like yourself, who take this as an opportunity to give back to their own communities and those abroad who are in need. Tune in to hear more about Hair Aid and how you can get involved in this amazing cause!

In this episode, you’ll hear about

  • [0:00]– Meet Selina
  • [1:45]– What is Hair Aid?
  • [4:10]– How did Hair Aid Start?
  • [14:40]– How has Hair Aid Developed?
  • [16:38]– How you can get involved
  • [19:40]– Selina’s mantra


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About the author, Larissa

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