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Employ a Rockstar Team with Attention Grabbing Ads

The key to hiring your ideal team in 2020 is simple: it’s just like dating.

Sounds crazy, right? I know what you mean. But in reality, the goal is the same: attracting people who will be perfect for you… and your business

In this episode of the Salon Owners Collective Podcast, I’m chatting all about how to attract your ideal employees. There are 3 key steps to doing this.

The first step is to capture the attention of potential employees, there are several things you must remember in order for your search for the perfect team to be successful.

When I owned my own Salon, I was determined to find a steady stream of perfect team members – because the universal truth is that no-one will stay forever… so I knew I needed to be ready, at the drop of a hat. Today I’ll explain why you should be the same. 

Your team is essential to your Salon: they can make or break your success. This episode is all about how to attract and find a great team, and how exactly you can do that, too.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  •         Why finding your perfect team is just like dating
  •         How your team can be your strength or weakness
  •         3 steps to creating attention-grabbing ads
  •         The process that will attract a rockstar team
  •         How to speak to your ideal employee in your ad

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About the author, Larissa

Business Coach & Marketing Strategist: After 20 years of salon business I worked in online marketing & technology development, Business Development Manager at Timely Salon Software and co-founded HAIRshare app for Stylist.

I love helping stylists & salons with marketing strategies, the latest technology and working smarter, not harder in salon business.

Salon Owners Collective is an online community with the mission of inspiring and empowering Salon Owners from around the globe to grow beyond owner operator. Turn your ideas into a reality, build successful businesses and live with clarity and purpose.