3 keys to exploding your business & designing the lifestyle your really want.

By Larissa Macleman | Mar 6, 2017

After discussing that her broken foot as a ‘sign from the universe’… or God, or whom ever you think it might be. She took my gentle nudge as her decision to stop servicing her long term clients and focus instead on growing the salon and building a lifestyle business. Kiwi entrepreneur Kelley this week is…

Make it Work – Whatever it Takes!

By Larissa Macleman | Feb 26, 2017

From humble beginnings Chelle from Urban Betty, Texas, opened her salon with 6 chairs and just one contractor, she shares her story of surviving a thriving salon with a team now over 30 strong. Chelle took a recent leap of faith and it’s starting to pay off as she gets out from behind the chair…

Salon Website Design Secrets

By Larissa Macleman | Feb 15, 2017

Your website is the window into the soul of your business. Your website is your digital home and should be used for driving new clients to your salon by converting them into paying clients as well as retaining the loyalty of those that already love you. So getting your digital homeland right becomes vital. In…

Artist to the Stars – Becoming the Goto Expert!

By Larissa Macleman | Feb 6, 2017

Finding your Area of Expertise, your signature service is vital to ensure your business stands out in an overly crowded space, and few have done this better than Jazz Pampling. Jazz is a world-renowned Brow Artist specialising in brow shaping, and has worked with celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Naomi Watts, Aussie model Samantha Harris…

How one salon successfully turned a social media following into real clients

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 29, 2017

I chatted to Mia DeVries from The Fox and The Hair, to find her top strategies for growing a whopping 66.6K Social Media Following and turning them into paying Clients – one of the key strategies to the salons current success. The salon started their social media presence on Facebook, and over time the strategy…

Work On It Not In It

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 15, 2017

For many salon owners, the thought of passing over your clientele to spend more time on business building can be fraught with fear and uncertainty, but if you take the important jump of stepping away from the busy work of your salon floor, your business is bound to benefit. Janine bought her first salon aged…


3 Social Media Secrets you need to know!!

By Larissa Macleman | Jan 6, 2017

You want to attract more clients, but Social Media is just not working for you… And you’re tired of posting at random & feeling the pressure of what to post and when. If this is you, then this blog is just for you! Having spent years honing my experience in digital marketing, both whilst running…

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Create a Salon Instagram Strategy With Plann

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 25, 2016

Instagram is the social network of the moment and it lends itself particularly well to creative and visual businesses like hair & beauty salons. There’s so much that you can do with Instagram, from posting showcase shots to validate your stylist’s skills, to giving potential clients a peek behind the scenes of your busy salon.…

Make 2017 your Best Salon Year Yet

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 22, 2016

I spent the new year in a camping site surrounded by rain and a rocky beach and dear I say it, NO WIFI! But as a result of that trip, I created Salon Owners Collective. I think I hardly spoke to the Family I was so busy scheming. So it feels right that I should…

Create a Sustainable Salon & Boost your Profits

By Larissa Macleman | Dec 11, 2016

Want to turn your salon into a Sustainable Salon? Going sustainable can have a number of benefits, as well as helping protect and preserve the environment. By taking a people-centred approach to building sustainable salons, and inputing strategies to protect the planet, you will also see an increase in profit for your business!! In this week’s…

Your salon team can make or break a business

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 28, 2016

For today’s podcast episode I’m sharing with you an interview I did with the inspiring Mana Dave of Blaze Salon & Pony Professional. Mana is a stylist, owns two top salons in Auckland, and is a Redken international platform artist. He shared his deepest secrets & some really great actionable tips to help you transition from stylist into…

Launch and Grow your Dream Business

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 15, 2016

Recently I was privileged to interview Tracey Hughes over on the podcast. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Tracey has successfully launched and grown her salon businesses, before then pivoting into providing award winning training for salon professionals. Here are the top lessons to help you to launch, grow or even exit a…

Put Yourself Out There

By Larissa Macleman | Nov 4, 2016

It’s a real thing… FEAR of being online – False Evidence (of) Appearing Real or a gut feeling pointing you in the right direction, but what about thinking “what’s the BEST that would happen, getting your business online?” ? You don’t need to put yourself online, if you feel comfortable sharing your personal your journey…


Follow your vision, prepared with a back up plan

By Larissa Macleman | Jun 8, 2015

Kesia has a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. an M.B.A as well as years of sales marketing at a Fortune 500 company. Kesia founded CHOP CHOP Mobile Salon & Barber – Mixing her passion with purpose. The idea of a high-end, mobile salon satisfied her desire to reach and service people from different walks…

Get found online with Jaime Jay

By Larissa Macleman | Jun 8, 2015

Get your salon found online with Jaime Jay. Simply posting a few images just doesn’t cut it in today’s complex online world.. but it doesn’t have to all be that hard. Jaime Jay shares some simple and methodical methods to conquer getting your salon found online.

Can’t-fail strategies for Client loyalty

By Larissa Macleman | Jun 8, 2015

Without client loyalty, you don’t have a business to speak of. Angela Pile discusses her can’t-fail strategies and the successes she has had in her own business and those she has helped in the salon industry.