3 Ways AI CAN Help Your Salon

Technology can be scary for us to wrap our heads around – it’s always changing, there are a million updates, and it’s just not worth the stress! 

But what if I told you that technology, more specifically AI, can actually save us a heck of a lot of time… 

As Salon Owners, we often think we’re ‘not a computer guy’ we just want to help people look and feel their best and we do that with our hands (and our scissors and brushes and all the other tools we use).

But AI is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us, and for some reason, our industry is falling behind by not using it! 

Today on The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, Larissa is joined by Scott Moon from Salon SOS to discuss 3 Ways AI CAN Help Your Salon. Scott breaks down how WE as non-tech people, can use AI… and actually make Marketing and the way we communicate with our clients a whole lot easier. 

4 Revenue Building Tactics in 2024

We’re in a recession! Clients aren’t coming in and the team isn’t meeting their targets – we’ve heard this conversation a lot from Salon owners around the world.

But, what if I told you 4 revenue-building tactics for 2024 that can help your Salon beat the recession slump… starting with a winning culture.

The client wins when she gets what she wants, what she needs, and gets things she didn’t even know she needed – and when she wins, she comes back. Our team wins when they’re busy and meeting targets, when they’re winning, we’re also winning – creating a winning culture.

Today on The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, Larissa reveals 4 revenue-building tactics for 2024 to build a winning culture during a recession.

Building a Brand Story – The Importance of Social Media

Do you ever feel overstimulated by content on the internet?

Like, there’s so much content – there’s just no way you can possibly take it all in.

It makes you think right, how is my content supposed to reach my audience in and amongst all this chaos?

With so many messages from different brands and corporations bidding for their attention – how do I make my message stand out?

On this episode of The Salon Owners Collective Podcast we are joined by the incredible Hayley Mears, an expert on building a brand story and the best person to help tell us, once and for all, what should we be posting on social media.

How to: Make Your Salon Go Viral in Fifteen Seconds

When it comes to social media marketing, having a post go viral is the ultimate success story – right?

And in 2023 the easiest way to go viral on social media is *drum roll please* TIKTOK.

Now, i know what you’re thinking – isn’t Tiktok just full of preteens, bored mums and unemployed millennials? Isn’t TikTok a bit… embarassing?

Actually, Tiktok has over 1 billion monthly users (75% of whom are fully grown adults!) and is closely catching up with the likes of Facebook and instagram…

4 Steps to a Marketing Strategy That Works – Part 3/3

Do you feel rejected by social media? You put yourself out there (and it’s not easy) and you sit by your phone eagerly anticipating the likes and comments only to feel like you’ve been stood up in a bar.

Maybe you’ve been doing all the things, and you’ve seen some success but you’ve hit a plateau and you don’t know how to get that momentum back.

You try to work out whats going on so you make the weary journey into meta business suite to look at the numbers, but its all gibberish – what does any of it mean?