Best Kept Secrets of a Celebrity Hairstylist

As a Salon Owner, do you ever find yourself hungry for the limelight?
This may be something that you have always wanted to achieve, but knowing how to get there may seem unattainable, right? Like how do you go from being a stylist on the Salon floor to becoming an award-winning stylist and working for the biggest celebrities out there?

Why You Never Feel Satisfied as the Salon CEO

In our industry, most people associate the feeling of happiness with milestones like a payrise, or a promotion. But as Salon Owners…sometimes it feels like we miss out on that sort of thing! You’re working hard to ensure your team are rewarded… but where’s your reward? 

The Real Reason Your Sales Have Hit a Plateau

Do you ever feel like your Salon growth has hit a plateau?

Your team are underperforming and not hitting their sales targets, sales in general are low, and you don’t know why this happening or what needs to change. You feel like you are stuck doing the same thing, over and over again.