3 Simple Strategies to Make More in Your Salon

As a Salon Owner, there are many tasks & responsibilities that rely on you to ensure your Salon runs smoothly. 

Between hiring and managing your team, putting out fires and team dramas, paying bills, managing stock, knowing your clientele, sales & marketing…the list goes on and on. 

You are a master of juggling a million different hats on a good day! 

Salon Stories: Surviving the Ups and Downs of Business Ownership

When you own a business, it often feels like nobody else understands what it’s like.

Our friends might wonder why we don’t just get a ‘normal’ job and avoid all the hard work and staff drama. 

Dealing with inconsistent employees, staff dramas, client complaints, and misbehaving teams can make us question ourselves, right?

We might think it’s hard to find good people, and we can easily start blaming ourselves… what are we doing wrong?

From 60+ Hour Weeks to More Freedom: The Power of Salon Systems

I want to introduce you to Kailah Lee, Award Winning Bridal Hairstylist & Salon Mentor. 

In this episode, Kailah and I discuss:

– The mindset shift for Salon Owners in implementing systems that will benefit not just yourself, but your team. 
– Catching yourself out when you’re starting to listen to your inner critic
– How to build a salon package your client f*cking loves (and comes back every time)

Achieving a Work/Life Balance Without Sacrificing Income

I want to introduce you to Carrie Flynn, owner of Virtual Simplicity, a marketing growth company, with a focus on not just marketing strategies, but actually scaling your business without the overwhelm. 

Because let’s be honest, you don’t need to add anything more to your plate! In this episode discover how to set yourself boundaries in your business, how to remove the guilt when it comes to business ownership & the art of delegation…