How to Triple Your Sales Without Employing Anyone New

Sick of hearing your team say “same again jane?” with EVERY client?

The client just gets the bare minimum, and your team doesn’t think to take things further… The client only gets what they booked in for, not really actually NEED or what they didn’t know.

The Salon Lifestyle Effect: “No Saturdays, No Late Nights Say What?!”

Your team is more demanding than ever and you’re worried that if you don’t meet their demands, they’ll leave. But then if you do give in, you’ll end up back on the floor 50+ hours a week… and you’ll be left feeling resentful!

Sure, they can have the lifestyle they want, but does yours have to suffer?! It’s a total double-edged sword!  

What You’re Missing When It Comes to Client Retention

As an owner, it’s so tiring when you’re not only managing the operations of the Salon and ensuring the business is profitable, but you feel like you have to constantly be on your team’s back about rebooking! You want to be able to trust them to manage all of the clients in the Salon so that they are happy and will come back through your doors instead of the Salon down the road.

Did I hit the nail on the head?

Hello! This is something I know too well. That’s why I want to let you in on a little secret…

How to Break Through Self-Doubt as Salon CEO

Fear is something that can be self-sabotaging for CEOs, and you’d be surprised how often our beliefs limit our potential. In this episode, I want to shift your mindset around fear and entrepreneurship, to show you that it is totally normal to not have your sh*t together at all times, and to give you some strategies to harness this type of fear for good. 

Can Your Salon Survive Without You?

As Salon Owners, we tend to be involved in every aspect of our salons, so when we try and step away from working in the business, we get trapped! How can the Salon survive a day without you doing all the things?!