How to Handle Bad Days Like a Bad B*tch

As a business owner do you ever have bad days, but feel like you can’t let anyone know – you’ve just got to soldier through because you’re not just a busisness owner, are you?

You’re a boss, a mother, a partner – people are counting on you to have your shit together.

Often in the business world, we celebrate positivity, success and productivity so much that its easy to feel like other people don’t have bad days.

But i’m here to tell you that they do…

The Truth About Team Culture

What exactly is team culture?

Often when I ask Salon Owners this very question, they struggle to give me an answer. And I get it, culture can be an elusive topic – it’s fluffy and abstract – we know it exists but we can’t actually see it.

And if we don’t know what team culture is – what it looks like how it manifests within our salon then how do we know if our team culture is bad? And if it is bad then how do we know how to fix it?

Salon Owners: This the Only Way to Make Profit in Your Business

The word PROFIT has a bit of a bad rep these days – often associated with want and greed but you need profit to run a successful business – it’s not negotiable.

Salon owners who aren’t prioritising profit are inevitably condemning themselves to live week to week – paying themselves with the leftovers… If there are any.

Perfectionism Is Ego in Disguise – 3 Mistakes All Creatives Make in Business

Is this you?

You started your business because you’re passionate about your craft… you want to do things well, do them your way and really channel your creativity into something that is truly your own.

Only now, you’re bogged down in ‘business stuff’ – payroll, hiring, marketing – what happened to the fun stuff?

So many Salon Owners I know have experienced this – and god knows I did when I opened my Salon.

The problem is, as entrepreneurs we’re used to a certain creative process – but when it comes to business – it just can’t thrive on love, passion, and creativity alone.

On this episode of The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, I’m joined by business coach, Laura Higgens. Based in Sydney, Laura helps creatives who are facing this very problem and today she shares the 3 main roadblocks every creative faces when they endeavour to turn their passion and craft into a profitable business.

There’s No Room for Heroes in the Hair and Beauty Industry

When a team member resigns, especially one of your strongest, often it feels like it has come out of nowhere, and it always seems to be when you least expect it.

In this episode of The Salon Owners Collective Podcast, we’ll talk about 3 things that will get you through the pain of losing a staff member, with systems and processes that will help future-proof your salon so that when one person leaves, it doesn’t all fall apart (Because there’s no room for heroes in the hair and beauty industry. )