Putting Yourself Out There to Achieve Salon Success

Being a Salon Owner can feel scary at times!

It can feel like there’s no one there to guide you when things are uncertain…. or even to celebrate you when things go right!

Salon Owners are often afflicted with this feeling of loneliness or anxiety… we feel alone in business and like there’s no one around us who understands!

That’s why I wanted to bring ultra-successful Salon Owner Kate Henderson on my Podcast today, so that we could chat about all things Salon Owner Success.

In this episode, Kate will share her success tips and why it’s important to put yourself out there in order to truly get that feeling of recognition you deserve. 

Life Hacks to Master Your Inner CEO

I’ve been there.

You’re juggling too many balls, wearing too many hats and the pot is starting to boil over…

You get to the point where there’s so much going on in life that when even the smallest thing goes wrong – you lose it!

I think every Salon Owner can relate to this. We are businesswomen… creative entrepreneurs, but we’re also mothers, daughters, wives, partners, hairdressers, marketers, cleaning ladies, taxi drivers, councillors… OMG the list just doesn’t end!

And when the stress of wearing all those different hats starts to creep into our everyday lives, it can become hard to shake that off at the end of the day!

I want to help you take that stress away. Make life just that little bit easier, in any way you can.

So I’ve rallied the troops – my friends, colleagues and other Salon Owners who I work with- to share with you their tips to living a stress free life. Their Life Hacks!

These are game changing… so let’s check them out. 

How To Create a Sustainable Salon

I’m sure Sustainability is something you’ve heard a lot about in recent years. 

Whether you’re completely in support of this movement, or you aren’t fully ‘in the know’, one thing that’s undeniable is the rise of the sustainability cause and sustainable salons in our industry.

But I know there’s one question that many Salon Owners ask themselves when they hear this:

What’s the cost?

I know it can feel scary to spend more on companies and providers whose sustainable products & values mean more expenses for you or your clients. 

So today, i’m chatting with Sustainable Salons founder Paul Frasca. We’ll talk all things sustainability, supporting local, and looking into the future of not only our industry… but the whole world.

Paul believes that it’s time for our industry to get out of the dark ages and start looking into the future… 

Defying the Odds: Opening a Salon Via Zoom?!

Did you know: it is possible for a Salon business to excel in the current climate?!

I get it, this may sound crazy to some. Covid-19 has affected so many businesses in this industry in so many ways, most of which have been negative.

But when I tell you that I know someone who has defied all odds with her story, I’m not exaggerating!

Meet Haylee Benton. Haylee is a 3x Salon Owner and ‘serial entrepreneur’ who has a mass of achievements under her belt…

But what we are going to focus on today, is opening her new Salon in Palmerston North, New Zealand- while Haylee was all the way over in the UK! That’s right, she opened a Salon via zoom. 

Haylee will share her expert advice on how to start and run a successful salon business, including forming an excellent team culture, a plan for growth, and how to ensure things run perfectly when you aren’t actually ‘there’ in-salon.

Engaging Clients During a Global Pandemic

I think the most accurate word to describe the past year in our industry has been: unpredictable.

With the global pandemic rocking Hair & Beauty Salons across the globe, and most closing their doors at one point or another, it’s important to remember that we always need to be prepared for anything. 

And a huge aspect of that, which I saw many Salon Owners struggle with in lockdown especially, was keeping their clients engaged.

Hair & beauty professionals strive in that 1:1, client-facing environments, so when we were stripped of this ability… it was scary, to say the least!

That’s why today, i’m chatting with Dani Everson. Dani is a Salon Owner & Skin Entrepreneur who specializes in super creative & popular ways of engaging her clients; during the Pandemic, but also in everyday life.

Tune in today to hear Dani’s best advice on engaging clients and how to keep clients loyal to your Salon business.