Suite Rental Salons vs. Team-Based Salons

It’s no secret that suite rental salons are becoming more and more popular. As a Salon Owner, you probably already know this.

Now, I know it may appeal to many, but is it more beneficial than having your own team?

This is something I get asked a lot by Salon Owners… it’s confusing to know which option is right for your Salon!

So, I wanted to chat with someone who could shed light on this question and give their honest answer to it, to help Salon Owners know if ditching team-based Salons is the right choice.

Jason Everett currently runs the ‘High-Performance Salon Academy’ in America, where he works with many Salon and Beauty companies across the world.

In this episode, Jason will share with you his amazing insight on what works, and what doesn’t in both salon suites and team-based salons, so you can feel confident in which option is best.

How to Get a Winning Team Culture- Once and for All

Do you ever feel like you constantly want MORE for your Salon? 

Whether it’s team growth, self-mastery as a CEO,  or more sales….

I’m pretty sure every Salon Owner knows this feeling!

But achieving these things sometimes feels impossible. Especially if you don’t know the right steps to take in order to actually achieve them.

Even with all of the external advice out there these days, it’s still hard to know who to trust and if any of it will actually work… believe me, I know this feeling well. 

So I took myself back and remembered what I really needed when I was a Salon Owner… and then it hit me!

I needed someone to show me what was possible… and I mean really possible, for my business, and for me as a Salon Owner. 

Someone who had walked the unknown road ahead of me, and been successful…

In this episode, I wanted to do the same for you. That’s why I’ve invited Skye, from my Salon Mastery Program, to chat with me. 

Skye has owned her Salon for 10 years and has grown the business into a huge success,  so now she’s going to show you how she did it (so that you can do the same!)

Successfully Increasing Your Salon’s Prices

As a Salon Owner, do you fear putting your prices up and creating boundaries with clients?

I get it. You’ve been doing things a certain way for so long that making any changes feels scary. You just don’t know how clients will respond!

In reality, changes are often necessary and unavoidable, but with the right approach, your ideal clients that trust you will adapt and grow with you.

In this episode, I chat with colour specialist and educator Kristina Russell, who you may know from the ‘colourkristinatalks’ podcast – one of my faves.

Kristina recently increased the price of her services by 8%! In this episode, she’ll share how and the results she saw.

I know her insight will provide YOU with great practical tips on how to communicate with clients. 

From ‘OverWhelmed’ to ‘OverAchieving’ in 5 Steps

As a busy Salon Owner, I’m sure you are familiar with the feeling of overwhelm. In actual fact, this is something I help Salon Owners overcome, every single day.

Running a Salon is a lot, and it can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a clear idea of ‘what’ the next right move is for you.

I get it. You try so many different things at once, hoping for some kind of breakthrough… waiting for the one thing that works. The thing is, salon success isn’t achieved this way, and more often than not – it will only lead to frustration and overwhelm.

In this episode, I want to help you overcome this feeling of frustration and overwhelm by sharing a few key strategies with you. When implemented, these strategies will help Salon Owners like yourself decide what the next right move is for you, and how to achieve it.

How To: Achieve the Financial Freedom You’ve Always Desired

As a Salon Owner, you most likely have dreams that are not only for your Salon, but for your personal life as well. Perhaps it’s a dream house, financial freedom, being able to provide for others, or even a gym membership that you can’t quite justify with your current financial situation. It can start to…