Dreading Xmas in the Salon? 3 Hacks to Survive The Festive Season

In this episode, I am going to share with you my 3 key strategies you need to survive the Christmas season in your Salon this year. 

It’s time to get ahead now, so when Christmas Day rolls around, you aren’t feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, but instead, you can actually enjoy the festivities and time away from the Salon!

4 CEO Strategies to Stay Focused Towards Your Dream Life

Do you ever get the feeling that you haven’t quite yet reached your full potential as Salon CEO?

Christina will share with you her strategies on how to stay in one lane as a business owner, and how to run and manage a successful team that supports your vision and brand as much as you do, so when you have to switch hats, you know that everything else won’t fall apart. 

The 1 Secret to Creating My Life of Freedom: Away From the Salon

What does freedom mean to you?

For me, freedom is a choice. It’s a choice to be able to create your dream life, to choose when you work, who you work with and what your family time is like. It can also be freedom of your mind, to be able to switch off from your business when you need to. But the question remains: how do you create freedom when so much of the business relies on you? 

Mastering the Next Generation of Hair Stylists

The Hair & Beauty industry is forever evolving. 

If there is anyone who knows how to tackle and navigate this generation of stylists and clients, it’s Eric Taylor. With over 18 years in the industry, Eric is the Founder and CEO of Salon Republic, and sits on the industry board in California. 

The Hard Truth About Your Salon’s Culture

As a Salon Owner, it can be so easy to get sucked into what I call “shiny object syndrome”, especially when you first open your business…press pause on that team retreat for now!

Tara is going to share her strategies around how to build an amazing team culture so that your team won’t leave… and how to be flexible in your business. It’s time to do less, but do it better and establish the core of your business before you can grow…