3 Ways to Make Friends With Facebook’s New Changes

3 ways to make friends with FB

“Ugh! Facebook changed its algorithm…AGAIN!” Sound familiar?Your salon’s Facebook marketing efforts can feel like an uphill battle, but that’s where most business owners are getting it wrong. Instead of trying to fight the Facebook algorithm, you need to get friendly with it.   In fact, treating Facebook like the virtual venue for your salon’s dinner party…

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Top Tips For Nailing The Salon Cray-Cray Season

Salon Christmas

Recently I had a salon visit – it was 2pm and my stylist announced she hadn’t eaten anything yet, because she was ‘living the salon Christmas-Cray-Cray again!’ This is an all too familiar cry as the busy Christmas season commences, you barely have time to step away from the chair, let alone grab a bite to eat.…

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From Freak Out to Freedom

From freak out

Running a salon is a huge job. You often learn a lot – hard and fast. Whilst the potential for growth is massive, there is also the danger of working yourself into a state of overwhelm –  managing a team, looking after clients, marketing and client attraction you can easily become the victim of your…

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Ditch the Overwhelm & Get Shit Done

Get shit done

As a business owner, I’ll bet you know that feeling of overwhelm all too well. Your mind gets so full it starts to feel fuzzy, and just when you need to get to work, you lack the clarity you need to actually get shit done! At times like this, you feel like a hamster running…

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