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If you’re constantly putting out fires the minute you walk in the salon

You feel anxious about keeping your team busy
(rather than out the back room)
and feel guilty about all the hours you work
(rather than quality time with your family)

You want to grow but you feel stuck
Then watch this message below

If you're a Salon Owners who want's to move from
Long hours & Overwhelm to Freedom & Profit

Book a (free) strategy call and learn how we can help you
transform your Salon business.

Let us show you how...

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That's exactly what I did & you can do it too!


This is for you if...


  • You have a team of 2-4 or even 7+
  • You're busy putting out the fires your team throw at you
  • You're unable to focus on growing your business because "the list never ends"...
  • Your business is taking a toll on your family life
  • You are more than ready to put a little back in the tank for yourself
  • You're ready to grow and thrive... if others can - "why not me"?
  • You're ready to make a change - no more overwhelm!

You can have it all...

  • Learn the framework to work the hours you want without having to work on your day off!
  • #Nail the Numbers... You can earn enough to enjoy life... & give your family everything they need.
  • Attract new clients like a #boss... You can have a steady stream of clients keep your team fully booked.
  • Be away and in control... You can enjoy being away from your business and in control of your team without the guilt!

I don't promise this will be easy, but I promise it will be worth it!

What our clients say...

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I find it super helpful for any advice

"I’ve been with the program now since December and already have now got a proper plan (thanks to Larissa and the team) set into place for the lead up of when the baby arrives early June. I find it super helpful for any advice not only for business growth/planning but managing staff was main concern for when I step out of the salon for this next chapter. I have used other mentors before and have had no where near as much support and resources available so easily. Everything you can imagine is available in the hub and if not you firecylur questions away in the Facebook page for responses from Larissa and fellow salon owners which is great for a diverse response which you can choose to which you think would suit you best."

Lisa Morris - Loft Beauty Boutique


I’m so so grateful

"You have most definitely helped me get to the “freedom profit lifestyle” which I’m so so grateful for. I definitely needed your structure and guidance and I’m feeling amazing where I am at the moment."

Ashlee Laura - Eden Spa


I feel like I have got the right systems in place

"I really want/need to thank you so much for all your help. I have this sudden feeling of peace that everything is going to be ok and a massive part of that is how great the salon is going while I am putting in very very minimal work. It’s actually running the best it ever has! You have helped me over the past few months find my freedom within the salon in lead up to having baby. I feel like I have got the right systems and people in place to do their jobs thanks to you and now I can step back with much less worry than I did last time. You are so amazing at what you do I’m not sure if you realise how special you are. Xxx"

Hannah Lane - Berry Lane Hair

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 12.35.08 pm

Where would I be with out you?!

"You have been an incredible help to me over the last few months... Holy Moly ive just had 4 weeks of highest sales, client retention, average spend, rebooking, online bookings, future bookings, new client visits, lowest cancellations and lowest wage bills ive EVER HAD! My salon has gone through MASSIVE changes this year! I hope like hell that this is going to be the new normal for us! Where would i be with out you?!

Leigh Jackson - Elle J Hair


Next Step

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