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How to Incorporate Education into Your Salon Expertise

Incorporate Education

Whether you’re thinking of approaching education as an additional facet to your salon or your brand, today’s guest on the podcast, education icon Tracey Hughes, is showing us all the ways to incorporate education into your salon expertise. An icon in the industry, Tracey is an internationally recognized educator and speaker who has worked with…

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The Salon Owners Collective Lunch – The Key Element to Salon Success

The Collective Lunch - Key to Success

If you are wanting a little taste of what our coaches are all about, this is the perfect pop up podcast for you! If you love insights into topics to do with the salon industry, trending questions and recommendations you’re going to gain a lot from listening to the live conversation with Salon Owners Collective…

Exploring E-Commerce to Scale Your Salon Business

E Commerce

Your salon’s website can do more than just online booking! In today’s episode of the Salon Owners Collective Podcast, I’m talking with Sarah Quinney, The E-Commerce Business Coach, about how you can leverage e-commerce principles to increase your sales and work toward scaling your salon. Sarah has tremendous experience building highly successful e-commerce companies of…

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Improving the Client Experience and Your Stylist’s Sales Process

Improving the Client Experience and Your Stylist’s Sales Process

Do you have some stylists who seem to have a tough time connecting with clients? Thus making it difficult to get rebookings? How about stylists who are afraid of selling? You’ve got incentives, but it doesn’t seem like enough, and you need those sales numbers to keep up your profits. In this Q&A episode of…