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Know your salon

Three things I wish Salon Owners would do!


While most people in high up Management Roles shuffle important paper in their office, Australasia Group Manager for Organic Colour Systems, Vicki King spends most of her time actually in the salon with her salon owner clients. Doing this gives her a unique perspective on the Industry, which I love, and I wanted her to share…

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Adapt or Die

Adapt or Die


Saying yes to everything that comes your way has propelled Richard Kavanagh from Stylist to world renowned Artist, Creative Director and Brand Ambassador. Now working with Brands like Vogue, Elle Magazine, GHD and he is also a Global Artist for Redken. Richard joins us live from Fashion Week New Zealand and shares the things close to…

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Dont be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid


Aamena was born into an entrepreneurial family and learning the basics of business wasn’t taught but infused through everyday family life. Not her first business, Aamena now owns an Ella Bache Beauty Clinic franchise in Australia that is thriving with her clear commitment to delivering impeccable service. While also raising 4 happy healthy  kids her…

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Turn Likes into Real Bookings in 5 Minutes Flat

You’d like to get more clients in your business, but the ‘old’ ways of doing it just don’t work anymore There must be a way to get new clients using social media and modern marketing strategies, there must be a secret… but what is it?
Stop wondering how you'll stand out from all the other Salons, Grow your Salon & become Fully Booked
Learn the 3 Salon Secrets to Turn Likes into Real Bookings
Watch these three 5-minute video lessons to help your Salon Marketing Strategy
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5 emerging trends

The 5 Emerging Salon Marketing Trends

The problem is that our clients and our potential clients are becoming tired of jaded and traditional marketing tactics. The days of leaflet drops and selling steak knives and deals at Grab one have just worn thin and if anything it turns our clients off coming to us. If you’ve been big on marketing your…

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Celebrating You & 10,000 Downloads

You are the most important part of The Salon Owners Collective so please Celebrate with me in reaching 10,000 Podcast Downloads and also reaching one year in business! Already, in putting this blog together, we’re now closing in on 12,000 Downloads already. To celebrate Nicola and I reviewed the top 5 most downloaded episodes and…

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freedom & profit

5 Steps to Freedom and Profit for Your Salon

Did you set up your own business with dreams of more freedom and time, and now find yourself wondering when you’ll next get to take a day off? You’re not alone! Unfortunately, as an industry, we’re not making much profit and the old 80:20 rule is actually more like 95:5.  Despite so many hugely talented…

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