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salon branding mistakes

Salon Branding Mistakes You Should Avoid


We have some smart people in our Industry and this Podcast brings two of the best Branding Brains in the Hair and Beauty Industry together. I talk with Kristy McKenzie from Secret Salon Society and Hayley Mears from Six Underground Media about branding mistakes and how to overcome them. This episode is packed full of…

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My story

My Story, From Overwhelm to Freedom & Profit


I remember a time when I was so overwhelmed with all the things to do in business and I have to say I wanted to sell my business more than 5 times over the years – many times feeling totally fed up! I haven’t shared much of my own story so felt it was time…

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Step out in faith

Step Out in Faith then do the Work!


If you’ve ever wondered why you got into business or you’re just waiting for things to come together… then you ask yourself “when will I finally be successful?”  Then you’ll find this podcast inspirational and give you some needed courage to keep going!

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The Freedom & Profit Formula

Did you set up your own business with dreams of more freedom & time, and now find yourself wondering when you’ll next get to take a day off? You’re not alone!

The reality is that every business success is grounded on business know how. And without that business know how:

* You’re time poor
* You work late and long hours
* Your team gives you headaches
* You wear all the hats in your business
* You make the most money whilst others sit out the back

The madness has to stop - now! So, what can you do about it?

In this Free Formula Guide, I'll reveal my 5 steps to Freedom and Profit that I used in my own business. If you want to Grow a profitable Salon you need to get out from Behind the Chair... Grab the Free 5 step Guide -it's a MUST for you!













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From freak out

From Freak Out to Freedom

Running a salon is a huge job. You often learn a lot – hard and fast. Whilst the potential for growth is massive, there is also the danger of working yourself into a state of overwhelm –  managing a team, looking after clients, marketing and client attraction you can easily become the victim of your…

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Get shit done

Ditch the Overwhelm & Get Shit Done

As a business owner, I’ll bet you know that feeling of overwhelm all too well. Your mind gets so full it starts to feel fuzzy, and just when you need to get to work, you lack the clarity you need to actually get shit done! At times like this, you feel like a hamster running…

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5 emerging trends

The 5 Emerging Salon Marketing Trends

The problem is that our clients and our potential clients are becoming tired of jaded and traditional marketing tactics. The days of leaflet drops and selling steak knives and deals at Grab one have just worn thin and if anything it turns our clients off coming to us. If you’ve been big on marketing your…

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