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Employee Experience

Creating an Exceptional Employee Experience


Employee experience is one of today’s hot business buzzwords, but the truth is, this isn’t a flash-in-the-pan fad. In this episode, I’m joined by Samantha Gadd, founder of Humankind and Kin, who is on a mission to help people love their work. One of the ways she does this is by guiding small business owners…

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Powerful Messenger Marketing

Powerful Messenger Marketing


In today’s age of instantaneous communication, your salon simply can’t afford to wait ’til it’s convenient to reply to potential clients. The reality is, “after hours” no longer exists, but that doesn’t mean your work/life balance can’t exist alongside it. Using the power of messenger marketing for your salon, you can simultaneously provide an elevated…

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Algorithm & Dinner parties

Surviving Facebook’s Algorithm Changes with Social Dinner Parties


Have the recent Facebook changes sent you into a spiral of panic over your salon’s marketing efforts? Well, time to stop the spiral because in today’s Salon Owners Collective podcast, I’m discussing why this shift in social media can actually be a good thing, and how treating your social profiles like a dinner party can help…

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Salon Owners Business Tool Box

The Freedom & Profit Formula

Did you set up your own business with dreams of more freedom & time, and now find yourself wondering when you’ll next get to take a day off? You’re not alone!

The reality is that every business success is grounded on business know how. And without that business know how:

* You’re time poor
* You work late and long hours
* Your team gives you headaches
* You wear all the hats in your business
* You make the most money whilst others sit out the back

The madness has to stop - now! So, what can you do about it?

In this Free Formula Guide, I'll reveal my 5 steps to Freedom and Profit that I used in my own business. If you want to Grow a profitable Salon you need to get out from Behind the Chair... Grab the Free 5 step Guide -it's a MUST for you!













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Powerful Messenger Marketing

How to Harness and Leverage the Power of Messenger Marketing

The salon owners I work with talk to me about it often, I see it pop up more and more in Facebook groups that I’m a part of, and I’m experiencing the surge in my inbox. I’m talking about messenger marketing. Salon owners are spending more time on their phones, and it’s starting to creep…

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3 ways to make friends with FB

3 Ways to Make Friends With Facebook’s New Changes

“Ugh! Facebook changed its algorithm…AGAIN!” Sound familiar?Your salon’s Facebook marketing efforts can feel like an uphill battle, but that’s where most business owners are getting it wrong. Instead of trying to fight the Facebook algorithm, you need to get friendly with it.   In fact, treating Facebook like the virtual venue for your salon’s dinner party…

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Salon Christmas

Top Tips For Nailing The Salon Cray-Cray Season

Recently I had a salon visit – it was 2pm and my stylist announced she hadn’t eaten anything yet, because she was ‘living the salon Christmas-Cray-Cray again!’ This is an all too familiar cry as the busy Christmas season commences, you barely have time to step away from the chair, let alone grab a bite to eat.…

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