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You know that to get the results you’ve been wanting you to need to do something different. 

You know that you need to take action… and you’re ready to be shown the way.

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Mental barriers

Breaking Through Mental Barriers in Business and Life


Feel like the saying “fake it ’til you make it” is your guiding directional and business and life? Then it’s time for a shift in your self-talk. On this episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast, we’re joined by Bree Stedman, the Female Head Talk Expert and founder of the program and podcast, as well…

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Client Consultations

The Art and Science of Successful Client Consultations


Did you know that 97% of hairdressers believe that they do a full and thorough consultation with every client, but only 7% of clients feel like they’ve ever had a consult? That is a massive disparity and one that our guest on today’s episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast, Richard Kavanagh, is going to…

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Salon Team Leadership

Developing Your Salon Team Leadership Style


If you have your sights set on expanding your team or your salon’s locations, you don’t want to miss this episode of the Salon Owners Collective podcast with Stevie English of Stevie English Hair and global brand ambassador for Matrix. In this episode, he shares his insights about cultivating your salon leadership style to craft…

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Salon Owners Business Tool Box

The Freedom & Profit Formula

Owning a salon was your dream…

It started with wanting to do better hair, deliver a better service and earn more. But now that you own your salon, some days feel more like a nightmare.

You have the grit, determination, or the skills to make your salon a booming success.

What you’re missing is the solid business systems needed to create a foundation for sustainability and profitability for your salon, and thus, more freedom for your life.

Without that foundation, you’re likely finding yourself:

  • Strapped for time (and cash), working 60+ hour weeks just to keep your salon afloat
  • Running in circles to keep your team focused and on-task
  • Wearing all the hats in your business, from owner all the way to master stylist

The madness has to stop - now! So, what can you do about it?

It’s time to get out from being overbooked behind the chair, serving the most clients and hitting the biggest sales to having the time to grow your team, expand the business, and skyrocket your income without working crazy hours to make it happen. 
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The 3 Phases of a Seamless Salon Customer Experience

What is your salon’s customer experience? Samantha Jones takes us through her story and phase’s she now recommends for the perfect Salon Customer Experience.  Most salon owners believe it’s what you offer when your client arrives in to receive their service, and although that’s correct to a certain degree, a truly seamless salon customer experience starts…

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Introducing Sam Jones, The Newest Member of the Salon Owners Collective Coaching Team

In case the title of this post didn’t give it away, we have some big news…The Salon Owners Collective Coaching team is growing! In addition to Sam, whose story you’ll get a glimpse of here, we’ve also welcomed Louise to the coaching team. We are so thrilled to be able to bring their expertise to…

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Get to Know Louise May, Our New Member of the Salon Coaching Team at the Salon Owners Collective

Oh, how tides are shifting and our team is growing here at the Salon Owners Collective! In addition to welcoming Louise May to our salon coaching team, we also recently welcomed Sam Jones as a coach as well, and are eager to be able to help more salon owners in our community with 1-on-1 support,…

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